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A Checklist for a Perfect College Personal Statement

The main aim of your college personal statement is to make a presentation of yourself in a great light to impress the committee and make your paper memorable. We are not going to write a treatise on how to write a personal statement for college taking into consideration all the rules, introduction and conclusion details, points to concentrate on, and so on. Here is a checklist of useful tips for you to consider while writing your personal statement.

  • BE YOURSELF. Write about your life – family, talents, accomplishments, hobbies, passions, motivations,events, books, dig deals, etc. Mention everything that can differentiate you from other applicants and prove your uniqueness.
  • Speak about the facts about the college you are applying to, if it is mentioned in the requirements.
  • Be ready to write your paper scrupulously and edit it a million times! Seriously… No joke. A million times.
  • Stick to the requirements. If they are provided, do not to miss even the smallest detail.
  • Devote plenty of time while writing a college personal statement to the details. Think over their significance carefully to meet the demands of application committee.
  • Focus your attention on several primary issues to show your diversity of knowledge. Define a clear purpose of writing. Sometimes it may become obvious in the writing process without planning in advance.
  • Tell a memorable story to impress the admission officer and highlight your positive features.
  • Do not put emphasis on motivation based on monetary reasons only.
  • Carry out thorough research – look for impressive personal statement papers on the Web and write down ideas you’ve paid special attention to.
  • At the same time, when thinking how to write a personal statement for college try to avoid self-promotion. Every third paper comprises a phrase “I am a smart, communicative and diligent person.” The same is with “I’ve always dreamed of becoming a…”
  • Your desire to enter a college should be logical and supported with examples from practical experience (helpful for becoming a doctor, teacher, engineer, etc.)
  • The opening paragraph is the most important part of your college personal statement, as it attracts readers’ attention and helps him/her to make the decision whether to continue reading, or to move onto the next applicant’s work.
  • Do not speak about any controversial issues concerning religion, racial relations, politics, etc.
  • Do not be afraid to be funny – use humor while writing the paper. Make sure this part is not ironic or sarcastic.
  • Make sure the conclusion closes your college personal statement and you’ve followed all the recommendations on how to write a personal statement for college and left the reader with a sense of wholeness.
  • Avoid critiques. Do not speak in such terms about your instructors, other colleges, or previous programs.
  • Do not use any cliches and stock phrases. Each sentence should express a significant meaning and idea. Avoid statements which could be written by anyone.
  • Use the vocabulary and phrases you feel comfortable using, while at the same time matching the required tone.
  • Stick to the specified word limit and watch your grammar – it is as important as the paper content itself.
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