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Basics of Writing a Business Letter

Writing a business letter has two primary goals:

  1. Making readers understand you.
  2. Make people to carry out some action: buy, rent, confirm and even like.

Although there are various reasons why a business letter is written, general guidelines remain the same. There is no reason to worry anymore how to start a business letter, what to mention in its body, how to close a business letter and how to write an address correctly. Our guide will help you to write business letters in the best possible manner.

Steps for Writing a Business Letter

  •  Address. The sender’s address should be mentioned at the top of your business letter. One should not include the sender’s name – just the street, city and zip code.
  •  Date. It should specify when your business letter was written (make sure you use the American date format while sending the letter within the United States).
  •  Inside address. It is recommended to adress a particular person at the firm you are writing. Do not forget about personal titles, e.g. Mr., Dr., Ms., Mrs., etc. The recipient’s address should be written in accordance with the rules of a particular country.

Buyers Inc.
Matt Peterson, Director
24396 Michigan Ave.
New York, NY 25009
July 31, 2014

  •  Salutation. How to start a business letter? Mention the same name as the inside address with the personal title. State a reason for your writing. For example:

Thank you for consulting me earlier. I’m writing to order… .

  •  Body. You’ve already presented the main point of your business letter and now it is time to justify the significance of the main point. One should continue justifying your main point with supporting evidence and background information. Make sure you’ve expressed the main aim of the paper in this part and requested some actions (if it was necessary).
  •  Closing. There is no need to worry about how to close a business letter, as it is the easiest part. You should express your gratitude for your reader’s attention and help. The closing part will look like the following:

Thank you for … .
Sincerely, (include 4 spaces here)
Harrison Jones

Writing a Business Letter: Advice

– Try to keep your letter as short as possible.
– Write concisely and to the point.
– Use nouns and verbs (no shortened forms).
– Write in active voice.
– Be clear and correct. Make sure you’ve checked grammar, punctuation, formatting and spelling.
– Use the words which have one meaning in your particular situation and that will help you to achieve your aims.

Writing a Business Letter: Help

If questions like “how to start a business letter” and “how to close a business letter” and many others come to your mind when you try to start writing a business letter, you should leave this job to the professionals. By asking help from services, you will be provided with an original business letter of high quality. You are only required to specify your instructions and expectations. Order any type of paper from us and receive it from us within the required deadline term.

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