Bidding Policy Changes

Our company strives to bring pleasure and comfort to the life of both customers and writers. So this piece of news aims to bring up the issue of showing respect to the employees of our company – our writers. Different situations occur in everyone’s academic life – a classmate calls you to say tomorrow is the deadline for a paper you had completely forgotten about. You had planned to take off on a date, and thought everything would be arranged by that time. What would you do in such a situation? comes in handy at times like this. With only a few hours left, and the chance of spending a fine Sunday evening out, the last thing you need is to stay in to complete an assignment. For cases just like this, we have writers who are always online and ready to help you out. This has happened because the bidding policy of our company is changing, since we understand the importance of spending time with family and friends during the weekend, or even the simple necessity of getting enough sleep for writers and customers. This is why we have established a system by which writers place bids for urgent orders. The way it works now is that the system computes the initial deadline, and if the writer has less than 49 hours to complete an order, there is a minimum bid for each deadline.

If the order is urgent and must be completed in eight hours or less, the minimum bid for the writer would be $10. A deadline of between 9 and 24 hours means that the minimum bid would be lowered to $8. If completion of the order is restricted to between 25 and 48 hours, the least the writer can place is $6, and all orders with a deadline of 49 hours or more allow the writer a bid of $4. In this way, the more urgent the order, the higher the price for it becomes.

Due to the fact that everything is calculated by the computer, however, and not a person who can pay attention to every detail, it’s necessary to calculate differences. Sometimes, when the initial deadline for an order is less urgent than the actual one (for example, it was 24 hours, but by the time a writer was found, it reduces to only 8 hours left), the minimum bid for the writer corresponds to the initial deadline (which is $8 in this case).

This idea was suggested by one of our writers, and we are grateful for the suggestion. We truly believe that it is going to improve the work of our company, and the work ethic overall. Feel free to us by email if you discover a better approach to improve the way our system works.

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