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Annotated Bibliography Sample: Gender Violence

What is the Impact of Gender Violence on Women and Children?

Annotated Bibliography Sample Gender Violence

My Pre-Research Assumptions about Gender Violence

There are several assumptions that I have about gender violence that are informed by my socialization as opposed to research findings. One of these assumptions is that gender violence is predominantly perpetrated by men against women. Most of the time, the man in a relationship is the stoner partner and therefore has the physical ability and strength to inflict pain on the woman. This is an important element that supports my assumption of women being the victim demographic in gender violence. Continue reading

Example of Bibliography about James Baldwin


Bio.True story. James Baldwin Biography. 2013.

Retrieved October 4th 2013 from <>

The author gives a detailed life history of James Baldwin from his birth until his death. Baldwin’s success in his writing is highly attributed to his racial and social issues given his sexuality and race. Despite making friends with another celebrated writer Richard Wright, this could not prevent him from carrying out odd jobs to support himself, something that later became a source of motivation for him. Continue reading