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Coursework Sample on Metabolic Responses of the Body Towards Supramaximal Exercise

Coursework Sample on Metabolic Responses of the Body Towards Supramaximal Exercise

Metabolic Responses to Supramaximal Exercise


The objective of the present study is to assess, determine and understand the various metabolic responses and functions of the body towards supramaximal exercise through extensive literature survey and study of the previous available research conducted in this area.


Energy during exercise is supplied by two metabolic pathways, aerobic and anaerobic pathways. Supramaximal exercises are highly stressed exercises which are majorly performed for body and muscle building and also for keeping one’s body and muscles fit. Continue reading

Coursework Sample: Pizza Hut in Hong Kong

Coursework Sample Pizza Hut in Hong Kong

Are basic customer requirements considered by the product provider?


Pizza Hut in Hong Kong has an objective of providing quality services to customers by offering delicious meals and drinks. A good marketing strategy is a key factor in success of every business; therefore, Pizza hut in Hong Kong offers a variety of quality meals and drinks that include pizza, pasta and several snacks ((Jones, 2011). Although most foods that are served by the restaurant have Western origin, the company has flavored some of its products with Chinese ingredients making them attractive to the locals who are majority customers in the area. Continue reading

Marketing Coursework Sample: Herbal Household Shampoo NPD

Marketing Coursework Sample Herbal Household Shampoo


The purpose of this project is to study about attributes which are important for choosing and developing a new product for an existing market. Also choosing a product that can give customer satisfaction as well. The product I have chosen is Herbal Household Shampoo.

In any business  new product development which is also known as NPD is the total new process of introducing and brining a fresh product to a market. Continue reading

Introduction to Cloud Computing Coursework Example

Cloud Computing Coursework Example

Cloud computing refers to the use of computer software, hardware, and other resource services over the Internet. Cloud computing is relatively cheap but it is mostly preferred because it enables IT technicians to focus on other jobs instead of concentrating on database system running. Services such as computations and user data can be stored over the Internet. Cloud computing is a new way of managing computer resources. In order to cloud computer one has to open an account with Google, Amazon or Microsoft. Continue reading