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Tourism Research Paper: The Impact of Religious Traditions on Tourism

Humans always tended to travel: in ancient times it was the way of survival and trade. For modern people, tourism has become a part of life and a source of inspiration. People travel to discover new places, to get inspiration, for personal feelings, and more. There are many approaches in tourism marketing, and religious traditions play more than a minimal role. Many people decide to travel due to religious reasons – to visit holy places or become a part of religious traditions. On the other hand, people that don’t consider themselves religious are interested in spirituality. To create an interesting tourism program, the expert should consider the religious interests of their clients.

Tourism Research Paper

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Lewis Carroll Research Paper Example

Lewis Carroll has created two books about Alice: “Alice in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking-Glass.” The story of little Alice is wonderful, fascinating, and exciting. Readers, critics, and researchers have found many interpretations and inner meanings of the story. The image of a brave but polite girl who is not afraid of surreal worlds and authorities is both loved by children and adults. It is not a surprise that the story has many film adoptions, animated cartoons, comics, and other materials created about Alice.

Lewis Carroll Research Paper Example

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Music Research Paper: The Origins of Country Music

Music plays a great role in our lives as it evokes feelings and emotions that make life brighter. Our musical tastes can change and will depend on our character traits, situations, moods, or be effected by a certain event. Country is a unique musical style. It is a synthesis of cowboy and Anglo-Celtic ballads, Irish motifs, folklore, and blues. In addition to the basic instruments, musicians use harmonicas, mandolins, flutes, percussion, and keyboard instruments. These instruments help to achieve an original sound and create a special emotional coloring that creates truly unforgettable feelings of joy, fun, calmness, soulfulness, or romance.

Music Research Paper about The Origins of Country Music

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Language Research Paper: Language and Prehistoric Visual Communications

In the following language research paper our writer has disclosed the role of prehistoric visual communications in language development. Prehistoric cave paintings can help us look into the thinking of a man who lived many years ago. On the walls of the European Stone Age caves you can see beautiful images of animals such as deer, horses, and mammoths. Paintings were a universal language that helped our ancestors communicate with each other, as it is considered that they had no established spoken language.

Language Research Paper

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Music Therapy Research Paper: Treating Mental Diseases With Music

What music do you love? Classical? Rap? Hip-hop? Trance? Many people around the world enjoy listening to music, and it’s one of the most popular hobbies around the world. Millions of people spend their day listening to music, but only few know the power of music. Music improves mood, suppresses negative emotions, relaxes, and relieves stress. Also, music can help cure mental and even physical disease! Recovery is facilitated by both listening to music and playing musical instruments.

Music Therapy Research Paper Example


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Women’s Rights Research Paper Example

In this women’s rights research paper our writer has disclosed the role of women at the beginning of the 20th century in Europe. We can hardly imagine that just a few centuries ago, women were limited in their rights and freedoms. Initially, the role of women has changed throughout the centuries, but the most important and significant changes took place in the 20th century. The rights women enjoy nowadays were achieved through continuous struggles fought.

Women’s Rights Research Paper Example

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Compare and Contrast Research Paper: Anti-Nationalism Movements in New York and Hong Kong

This compare and contrast research paper covers the topic of anti-nationalism movements in China and the US. Anti-nationalism is an ideology and a political trend that aims to destroy any nation. It is characterized by a hostile, derogatory attitude to national interests and hatred of the nation. There are two kinds of anti-nationalism: adherents of the first kind consider a nation on the whole as an outdated form of society, while adherents of the second kind consider certain nations as an obstacle on their path. Adherents from both kinds consider nationalists as their enemies.

Compare and Contrast Research Paper about Anti-Nationalism Movements

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Research Paper on Christianity

Christianity is the world’s largest religion. It is divided into three major branches: Catholicism, Orthodoxy, and Protestantism. There are also lots of smaller Christian organizations and movements like the Old Catholic Church, Jehovah’s Witnesses, or the Latter Day Saint movement. In a modern world, this religion is powerful and significant. But where does it begin? Who turned the persecuted religion to the most eminent one? The author of the research paper on Christianity claims that Jesus Christ was this person, and for good reason. He was charismatic enough to lead people and to persuade them to renounce the old gods and follow new rules and dogmas.

Research Paper on Christianity

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Sample of History Research Paper: The Battle of Jerusalem 1917

World War I was one of the deadliest conflicts of all times. The number of casualties is estimated to be from 14 to 17 million. The war began between 8 countries in 1914, and shortly after, more than 38 countries were drawn into the conflict. The Battle of Jerusalem in 1917 is considered to be the milestone of this war. This sample of history research paper provides the information about the background and the consequences of this great battle.

Sample of History Research Paper_ The Battle of Jerusalem 1917

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Educative Child Development Research Paper: Prematurely Born Children

The number of prematurely born children has increased recently. Although the modern medicine and technologies enable the survival and further development of the babies, the chance of long-term difficulties is rather high. The preterm born infants may face serious health problems even as adults. This child development research paper examines the similar traits of prematurely born children. Among the most common health issues of preemies are higher blood pressure, vulnerability to external stimuli, and worse motor performance and cognitive activity. They also frequently demonstrate the lack of ability for concentration, difficulties in learning languages, and might have poor academic performance and problems in social life.

Educative Child Development Research Paper

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