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Another piece of news is that when ordering a paper from our company, customers have ample opportunity to pass on all instructions directly to the writer. A range of advantages comes from direct communication with the writers working on assignments. First, the customer can deliver all the necessary details, and explain exactly which way the paper should be completed. In addition to this, the chat-service ensures rapid solution of urgent issues that might occur while ordering a paper. The wrong file could be uploaded, for example, or a topic might be changed, or you would like to insert more pages. Each customer has the right to know:

  1. Who is working on their order.
  2. The qualifications of the writer.
  3. Their understanding of the way the assignment should be complete.
  4. Whether the writer has ever completed similar ones before.

It is possible to communicate in chat mode, both before the writer is assigned and after a specific writer has started working on the order. It is essential to discuss the paper instructions before the order is forwarded to a particular professional, as in this way there are no miscommunications, and the writer has less work to do, and can complete the paper within a shorter time.
It is important to get back to the writer right away, so requirements are followed, and there is no need to review all the instructions a second time. Moreover, if third parties are not involved, both writer and customer feel at ease, and a friendlier atmosphere develops.
If you have any ideas on how to improve our company’s work, our team is always open to interesting suggestions. Feel free to us by email, and the issue will be discussed further with our team of professionals.

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