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Merikarviantuulivoima in Numbers: 2016 Roundup [Infographic]

First things first, we just want to share a big hug from the whole entire Merikarviantuulivoima team, wishing you an amazing holiday and transition into a brand new year. We are sure 2016 was quite a ride for you. We can say that it was an awesome one for us! So many changes, developments and improvements to our service and many new people who’ve joined Merikarviantuulivoima and had a chance to work with our awesome writers. In this regard, we made a new infographic that covers biggest milestones that happened to Merikarviantuulivoima during 2016.

Thanks for choosing our service! You encourage us to be better every year!


Again, from the bottom of our hearts, Merikarviantuulivoima team is wishing you a mega happy holidays and a happy New Year. Let’s keep rocking your papers together!

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