How to Cram for a College Exam

Procrastination gets the best of almost every college student. It seems to be a difficult task to sit down and study tons of material for an exam you have the next day. But who says it’s impossible? Cram for the exam with our useful tips!


Don’t Panic!

Calm down. Panic will only hurt your ability to concentrate and plan your critical study session. Take a few deep breaths, relax and reassure yourself that everything will be okay.


Set goals. What do you need to learn and how much time do you have? Is your goal realistic? Allocate time for each study topic. Also plan for breaks and sleep. Sleeping is essential! If you want to remember what you’ve crammed, get some sleep.


This is where your class notes will come in handy. Usually, professors mention what will be on the exam during their lecture and if you took notes of these points, you should be able to determine exactly what to study. This will greatly save your time.

Don’t Just Read

Don’t try to memorize the information just by reading the textbook word for word. Instead, go through your text and highlight important ideas such as terms and their definitions. Such a strategy is really effective for remembering important things.

Use Flash Cards

Flash cards are a wonderful way to learn material quickly. It works two ways because you are learning while you write the information down on the flash cards and then when you test yourself later, the information is reinforced. Look through these cards as much as possible to help the information stick in your mind.

Use the Internet

There is a great number of resources on the Internet that can help you. YouTube is a great place to look for educational videos that explain every concept. If you are confused and need help, search for it on the Net. You just have to find the answer to your question.

Don’t Over-Study

Studying for long stretches of time is actually less effective than short, varied sessions. Mix up the studying with relaxation.

Get Sleep

Sleep is a must, even if you feel you aren’t done. You should sleep to consolidate your memory of information. Then get up early, eat your breakfast and review the material again.

After the Exam

After you take a test, you can determine how well you did. If you feel you didn’t do your best, talk to your professor. Usually, you cannot retake a test, but you can ask if there is any type of extra credit you can do to help boost your grade.

Do your best to learn everything on time! However, if you need to cram for the exam, do it well! If you need help with writing your papers, check out Good luck!

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