How to Write a Cover Letter to Impress the Committee

Okay, so you are about to send your resume to a company, and the only thing that lies between you and the job of your dreams is the necessity to write a cover letter, when you’ve never even seen one. Fortunately, writing a cover letter ain’t some binomial theorem, so it’s not a great obstacle. Just make sure to follow several simple steps listed below, and you’re going to be fine.

  • First of all, you will need to thoroughly research the company to which you are applying. You must know its place in the market, its key competitors, its brief history, and other details that you can later mention in your cover letter, or during the interview. Besides, you can learn what your potential hirers do or do not appreciate, and thus know what to write and what to avoid writing in your cover letter.
  • Of course, you should learn as much a possible about the position that you are applying to.
  • Before writing your letter, browse the Internet for cover letter templates. Just remember that employers usually like when things are neat and tidy, so they will probably appreciate a well structured and properly formatted cover letter.
  • Don’t rush into writing yet. Instead, think well about what you are going to include in your cover letter (don’t forget about the research you’ve conducted). Also, make a list of the key points that you want to cover. Remember, that your cover letter must pursue three goals: 1) presenting you as the best possible candidate, based on your skills and experience; 2) demonstrate your awareness and interest in the company; 3) show your motivation.
  • Well, write a cover letter! Just make sure it contains no slang and/or other unofficial vocabulary. This is a must, even if you are applying to a super-friendly young company with staff under 20 years of age and a rastaman CEO.
  • And don’t forget to proofread and edit your letter. Just imagine the face of your potential hirer when he / she sees your improper usage of their-there-they’re, or something like that.

Well, that’s almost all. Doesn’t look too serious, does it? Here are some final tips for you how to write a cover letter, just to make sure that you do everything right.

  1. Don’t try to sound super-smart, and overuse complicated phrases and expressions,
    compound sentences, and so on. Make sure to impress your hirers with clear and vigorous writing, not with your ability to make simple things look complicated.
  2. Make sure that your cover letter does not repeat the info from your resume.
  3. Of course you wouldn’t even think about doing anything as silly as this, but still, just a reminder: never copy-paste the parts of your cover letter from samples that you can find on the Internet.

And, by the way, don’t use online templates that require you only to insert your name, position title, and some other specific data in the “fill-in-the-gaps” style.

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