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How to Write a CV

Writing a curriculum vitae is the process of preparing a ticket to your future life while applying to a new job. If you want your candidature to be considered, you ought to know how to write a CV and make it attractive to the interviewer. This is an advertisement of your experience and skills, which can be useful in this position, so do your best to secure yourself in your job. Check out our guide to find out what information should be mentioned, what tips to follow and what mistakes to avoid.

How to Write a CV: Basic Information to Include

  1.  Personal data – your full name, phone number, address, email and social profiles (if needed for a particular vocation – for example, if you are going to work in the digital sphere.) There is no need anymore to mention your age and date of birth due to age discrimination cases.
  2.  Previous places of work – the whole history with dates, duties and achievements.
  3.  Training and qualifications.
  4.  Your hobbies and interests.
  5.  Extra data – reasons for changing jobs, or some gaps in your working experience.
  6.  References. The perfect choice – two or more.

How to Write a CV: Tips to Follow

When writing a curriculum vitae, one should stick to the main rules, including the following:

  • Read the description of the job position carefully. Make sure you understand the requirements and responsibilities of the applicants.
  • Write an outline of your CV – prepare a heading with general information and think what facts you are going to include.
  • Mention all your personal experience, that applies to the position you are trying gain – internships, courses, freelance jobs, volunteer work, an so on.
  • Describe your positive personal strengths – present three to six of them.
  • Include information about your computer literacy level – programs, applications, software, graph editors, etc.
  • After writing a curriculum vitae check it out for mistakes – proofreading is one of the most important steps in the writing process. Make sure it looks well-structured and short.

How to Write a CV Without Mistakes

One of the most significant points to know while writing a curriculum vitae is the absence of a particular format. One should decide themselves what to put emphasize on, but there are common mistakes one should avoid:

  1.  Lying in your CV and the HR managers finding out later that you wrote about yourself untruthfully. Be ready to prove your skills in the form of practice.
  2.  Avoid using negative words.
  3.  Writing a CV that is too long. Hiring managers have a lot of work to do and usually pay attention to specific, factual and short CVs.
  4.  Defining the wrong aim of writing a curriculum vitae can lead to the rejection of your candidature. Explain why exactly you should be hired and how you can be useful to the company.
  5.  Using one CV for all companies and job positions. The first impression really matters, so work hard on each CV to make sure you meet the requirements and needs of the employee.
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