How to Write a Term Paper in Just a Few Days

Depending on the amount of pages and difficulty level, term papers can be written in one evening, or within 3-4 days maximum. How to write a term paper so quickly? If you like to do everything at the last minute, this article is for you.

How to Choose Term Paper Topics?

The success of your final version of your term paper depends on your personal interest in the chosen topic and the topic’s relevance. Good term paper topics should be:

  1.  Original
  2.  Significant
  3.  Relevant
  4.  Practical
  5.  Manageable

After a subject and a sphere has been decided upon, brainstorming is the most important method to use to narrow your topic down. Students should make a list of all their ideas for the project. Many ideas will come, but one has to filter through them to see which ones are appropriate and useful.

The final variants of term paper topics are usually modified until the end of writing process. For example, being assigned to write a history research paper, one can narrow the topic by space, method, time and subject limits. The student’s aim should be to write a paper with a good thesis supported by historical examples, proper evidence and powerful arguments.

How to Write a Term Paper Within a Strictly Limited Deadline

Step #1 – Relax and start getting ready for writing (10-15 minutes)

Before writing a term paper you should calm down and relax your mind. Try to focus on the topic of your paper and main ideas you are going to present. You can think over a draft outline during this time.

Step #2 – Think over your thesis statement (30-40 minutes)

Thesis statement is the main idea of your paper, which you should develop, analyze and support throughout the whole paper. Your arguments should be supported with quotes from relevant sources, so write down all of them while carrying out the research.

Step #3 – Writing an introduction (10-13 minutes)

This term paper part should be thought-provoking and catchy. You should focus your readers on the main problem of your paper and smoothly move to a thesis statement. In case you are lack ideas and are limited in time, you can use a thesis statement as your introduction.

Step #4 – Support your thesis with arguments (30 minutes – 2 hours: in case you need time for additional research)

When one is assigned to write a term paper, one is provided with a minimum amount of references to include. Of course, you should use more in order to not disappoint your professor. The best place to research your topic is in a library of college or university database. Prove each of your arguments with proper citations and make sure they sound logical and complement each other.

Step #5
– Writing (4-6 hours)

The time in which the actual writing takes place can vary, due to the requirements towards your paper and the amount of pages needed. When writing, you have to keep your professor’s advice and guidelines in mind. Present all your ideas not thinking whether they sound logical. Just arguments and supporting references. You will have a chance to proofread your paper to make sure you’ve managed to prove your idea and did it in the best possible way.

Step #6 – Write a summary of your paper (20-30 minutes)
Conclusion should restate your paper’s thesis statement in other words and leave readers with something to think about in terms of term paper topics.

Step #7 – Proofread and revise the paper (30 minutes – 1 hour)

Edit your term paper and cut everything that does not support your thesis statement. Make sure your ideas are easy to understand and are presented in the best possible manner.

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