Innovations on!

Another wonderful piece of news! Our company is launching new innovations this week! First of all, is happy to announce that we have made several changes to our system. There are new ideas concerning the way our Customer’s profile is going to work.
The profile menu has been adjusted and will now be hidden when the menu-bar is not needed– therefore, it will not disturb you. It will automatically appear when your cursor is on the menu-bar.

The next item of information we would like to share is that now both our customers and our writers have the facility to upload their avatars. We are doing our best to create a friendly atmosphere and positive emotions when you use our services. Let’s imagine how great it will be to know some details about the person who is working on your order and not just chat to them, not knowing anything about them. The communication between the customer and the writer will gain more trust and understanding.

What is more, the writers now have a new tab called “Discarded orders”. This tab on their profile allows them to sort their orders according to their priority. The writers will have the opportunity to move certain orders as discarded ones.
As you have heard already, there is a major innovation in the way the orders are processed now. The writers have the opportunity to provide you with a brief explanation of what your specific order will contain. This also prevents misunderstandings about the work on both the customers and writers side.

We are always open to your suggestions and will be happy to implement new programs in our system for your convenience. Feel free to send your suggestions to us via e-mail – we highly appreciate the input.

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