The Essay about South Africa

Will South Africa Become the New Call Center Capital of the 21st Century?

essay about south africa

South Africa’s call center industry has exponentially grown over the last 10 years. As a result of this growth, the industry rapidly expanded from a few thousand agents to hundreds of thousands of agents. Currently, 210,000 South African laborers are employed in the call center industry, with 9 percent of those working for offshore companies (Cohen, Mike).

South Africa has been very successful at attracting major call center operations from European and other international markets. The government hopes to continue to attract companies to its shores and take its rightful place as the preferred location for 21st century international call center and CRM support services. Continue reading

TOP 9 One-Hour Ideas for a College Halloween Party

Have you prepared for your Halloween party? Turn on your imagination and use several ideas that will help you quickly organize a spooooooky party!

1. Jack-O’-Lanterns From Oranges or Mandarins

This is the laziest version of Halloween preparation. All you need are mandarins and a black marker. Draw funny faces on mandarins or oranges – the pattern can be the same, and you can make each jack-o’-lantern with its own, original face. You can connect children to the process – they will not mind to participate in the creative process. Continue reading

Essay about Programming: Complicated Sorting Algorithms

Has the Increase in Processing Power Diminished the Need for Complicated Sorting Algorithms?

Essay about Programming

Today, we live in an era with great technological advantages, abundant resources and infinity of data. We can learn about anything, from anywhere at any time at a reasonable costs. The devices we use every day are getting more powerful and cheaper day after day, which makes our problems easier and faster to solve.

One of the most important operations and most used ones in computer science, even today, are the sorting operations. They apply on simple principles and complex algorithms to give the best result. Each of these algorithms is different in structure and execution speed. Are these speeds depending solely on the complexity of the algorithm or are they also depending on the computing power of the devices we use? Continue reading

Gender PowerPoint Presentation Sample

Our author has created a gender PowerPoint presentation that covers the issue on the role of mass media in creating gender stereotypes. But before looking at our presentation, let’s discover the most important information about stereotypes and mass media.

Gender PowerPoint Presentation Sample

In modern society, the mass media has become a part of the socialization of younger generations and adults; it plays a crucial role in shaping public opinion, assessing people and events, and setting certain standards of life and consciousness among the masses. Nevertheless, modern people cannot imagine life without newspapers, television, and internet that quickly can tell about the most important events in the world, country, or city. Continue reading

Favorite Book Essay: The Most Engaging Book You Have Ever Read

Favorite Book Essay

The world is moving faster more than ever. Science and technology is progressively growing with discoveries people never thought of are possible five years ago. While they try to catch up on the world’s pace in development, they tend to forget the important things and lose focus of what matters most in life. People are becoming more materialistic, appreciating huge bank accounts rather than quality time with their loved ones. But humans weren’t considered to be the smartest form of organisms just to live in a stagnant pattern of working, paying the bills, and sleeping. Continue reading

World Politics Essay: India

How Did the British Invasion and Rule of India Affect India and Its Citizens?

World Politics Essay

British invasion and rule had affected India and its citizens very deeply. Several embassies reserved their rights in India but only this cultural collapse influenced both Indian and British cultures. Other countries were involved thoroghly through this historic assembly that remains actual interest till nowadays. British concourers had rediscovered and brought ancient traditions to all world and that fact is of a real treasure.  Continue reading

A Good PowerPoint Presentation: And Then There Were None

Looking for a good PowerPoint presentation on a book review? One of our writers has prepared a book analysis of And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie and created a presentation about it. But before we proceed to watching it, lets find out basic information about the book.

A Good PowerPoint Presentation_ And Then There Were None

Agatha Christie is considered the queen of detective stories and her novel And Then There Were None is recognized as her masterpiece. Since the publication of the novel, the book has reached the 100 million sales milestone. Originally, the book had the title Ten Little Niggers, but for the US it was renamed as And Then There Were None and all the places the word “niggers” were used in the text were replaced with “little Indians” in order to avoid misunderstandings and adhere to political correctness. Continue reading

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Essay about Mexico

Is It in America’s Interest to Economically Destabilize Mexico?

The Struggle of the North

Essay about Mexico

The speculation about America targeting to ruin the economy of Mexico started when Donald J. Trump, the newly elected president of the United States proposed to impose a 20% tariff on all imports coming from Mexico (Jones). There are things that we have to consider before we can agree to speculate or not. These include America, Mexico, and the economic relationship between these two countries. Continue reading

Advertising Case Study Sample

When it comes to completing a case study, a slew of questions usually arise. To help you to understand what a case study is, we have prepared an example of a case study in advertising. Before we start, let us remind you what a case study in the context of advertising is. A case study is an investigation of a particular case (a particular advert, an advertising campaign, several campaigns of one company, etc.), usually successful, which is aimed to reveal and explore the reasons which led to the success of the advert or campaign. Or, a case study can present a failure of a certain campaign and analyze the reasons behind it.

Advertising Case Study Sample

The paper you’re going to get acquainted with was completed by a writer from Merikarviantuulivoima who is knowledgeable in this topic. The sample was created according to academic standards so that you can use it as a template for your own paper. From this example, you will know how cases should be investigated, how to cite references correctly, and how to provide the reader with the context. If you are assigned with a similar work, this sample will be useful for you as you can use it as a source of ideas. Be quick to examine our example and successfully complete your paper! Continue reading