The Sound and the Fury Essay

How did unique ideas of Compson family contribute to the reader’s understanding of The Sound and the Fury?


The present essay deals with the issue of Compson family’s views and their role in revealing the idea of drama. The novel itself is the manifestо of powerlessness of a man in the face of obstacles.

Since the big family experiences the crisis in all parts of life, the family members may be viewed as victims of fate. Taking into account that all the characters have their individual imperfections – it seems that sin is everywhere with them. It is important to know how Compson family perceived the tragedy. Continue reading

The Running Man Essay

How is a dystopian society described in The Running Man by Stephen King?

Plenty of books have been written on the subject of dystopia. Authors of these books usually tend to consider their works as omens. Omens of what danger the future possess if the humanity does not change its course and renounce its wrongdoings. George Orwell wrote about dangers of carving a path to the rule of the all-seeing, all-knowing, unforgiving dictatorship that monitors your each step. Huxley warned us about giving up parts of us that make us human in exchange for an illusion of happiness, created by perishable material things and simple hedonistic pleasures. The Running Man, a novel by Stephen King, written under the pseudonym Richard Bachman, borrows from those two giants of literature yet adds something unique, entirely its own. Continue reading

The Things They Carried Essay Examples

The Things They Carried Essay: The Objectifying of Intangibles


Tim O’Brien’s 1990, The Things They Carried, is a collection of interconnected short stories that retell the adventures of the men of the Vietnam War’s Alpha Company. O’Brien’s experience as a foot soldier from 1968 to 1970 has given him an insiders perspective to the war and it is this perspective that the author shares through the characters he creates. Continue reading

Bartleby, the Scrivener Summary: Two Ideologies


This story is about three character types based upon the Freudian philosophy of the Super Ego, the Id, and the Ego (Kendra Sherry 1, 2016). According to Freud, the Super Ego represents God, the Ego represents the basic instinct of Mankind, and the Id is the compromise. These are represented in the employer and the greater good, the isolated employee, and the rest of the employees. However, upon overview of Herman Melville, the writer, it is more of an overall feeling of despair and hopelessness as a result of his own life experiences. Following is a bitter end: withdrawal from society and death in isolation. Continue reading

Faust Summary Paper: Why Does God Allow Mephistopheles to Tempt Faust?

The most pivotal point in Goethe’s Faust is the conversation between God and the devil Mephistopheles in Heaven (Magnùsdòttir, 2015). During this correspondence with God, Mephistopheles loathes God’s creation and the mankind’s faith in him (Magnùsdòttir, 2015). This leads to God agreeing to make a bet with Mephistopheles over Faust, a servant on Earth (Magnùsdòttir, 2015).

God believes that Faust will never turn away from him and will remain his faithful servant regardless of the challenges thrown at him to test his faith (Kierans, 2003; Magnùsdòttir, 2015). Continue reading

Faust Essay Samples


Faust Essay I

Is Doctor Faustus a Christian Tragedy?

The play Doctor Faustus was written by a well-known English dramatist Christopher Marlowe. It tells a tragic story of the life and death of a person born in a lower class family who decides to sell one’s soul to the devil in exchange for knowledge, power, and higher position in life. The play has features of classical tragedy and Christian morality, and it seems to be offering a mere representation of basic Christian values, yet there is more to its interpretation than a simple allusion to the principles of orthodox Christianity (Westlund, 1963). Continue reading

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The Master and Margarita Summary Sample

Why does Bulgakov try to convince the readers the events happenning in Moscow are fiction and those in Yershalaim were real?


A novel The Master and Margarita written by Mikhail Bulgakov, a great writer of 20th century, is a masterpiece of the literature of the world scale which deals with questions of ethics. It criticizes the Soviet Union’s policies considering them in the spiritual perspective. Continue reading

Civilization and Its Discontents Summary

How significant was Jewish culture and religion for Freud’s life and work?

Jewish culture and religion inevitably left a mark on Sigmund Freud’s life and work. Although Freud himself openly and consistently labels himself as an atheist, it can be seen from his writings how Jewish culture influenced his life and career as a psychoanalytic theorist. This can be probably rooted from his parents who are both Jewish and the presence of Jewish scriptures which were also a part of his early education. Continue reading

The Secret Life of Bees Summary

What is the role of black Mary image in the novel?

Sue Monk Kidd’s The Secret Life of Bees features a cast of strong black women, the most influential being Black Mary. Despite being inanimate, Black Mary nevertheless serves as the catalyst of the story. Black Mary inspires the black community of Tiburon, and it is the Black Mary label that leads Lilly on a journey to understand her past. Ultimately, Black Mary symbolizes a surrogacy that overcomes barriers of class and race, demonstrating that anyone can love and anyone can be loved. Continue reading