A Brief History of Time Review

 What is aetheistical understanding of man’s origins described in A Brief History of Time by Hawking?

a-brief-history-of-time-review Abstract

The origin of  humanity and the universe still remains the most important, but never truly and precisely answered question from the beginning of time until now. But when has the time begun? There are many attempts to make an understandable study about the time and space, some of them fighting to explain the phenomenon of religion and God, the others trying hard to classify all the researches about humanity and the universe in one scientific frame, explained with arguments and facts. Starting from Aristotle and the ancient Greeks, many scientists were trying to find out the biggest mystery of the universe. Continue reading

The Stranger Essay Sample

How is death presented in The Stranger?

In the novel The Stranger by Albert Camus the theme of death may be found in different parts of the book. It is the leitmotif of the novel. In his development of the topic the author explores that death is the only thing in life which makes people equal to each other, irrespective what they had and how they lived their lives. It shows that no man is privileged over another. Continue reading

The Cherry Orchard Summary

What is the meaning of the cherry orchard symbol in the poem?


Anton Chekhov is the finest short story writer of his period. According to New World Anton Chekhov can be pertained to such kind of writers who prefer highlighting the sense of his poems through the symbolism. “Russia is our great orchard,” says the author of The Cherry Orchard (1816). This phrase can be considered is the central idea of the poem. Though this masterpiece of literature is nothing else but demonstration of crucial moment that took place in Russia. The cherry orchard plays fundamental role as a symbol of changes in Russian society. Continue reading

Symbols of War and Peace – Literary Analysis Essay Samples

Sample Essay 1. The Old Oak Tree Symbol

Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace has a great deal of symbolism weaved into its intricate pages.  Such symbolism comes in the form of the old oak tree, a significant symbol that is meant to be a form of hope, despair, life, and death. Like the seasons of Andrei’s lives, the oak tree experiences transformation and causes Andrei to change a great deal as well.


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The Divine Comedy Summary Sample

What is the main idea of the book?

The Divine Comedy Summary Sample

The Divine Comedy is an epic poem by Dante Alighieri narrated in the first person by the poet as a recall of his journey (Durling, 1996, p.8). The poem was written in Italy in the late middle ages whose setting is in a forest of darkness in a Good Friday, then proceeds to hell and lastly Dante ascends into heaven. In 1265, Dante was born in Florence and was recognized as one of the best poets in the Italian literature with his highlight being The Divine Comedy. Continue reading

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College Essay Samples: The One about Muslim Students

Do muslim students who study psychology find it contradicting with their religion?

In 2000, the World Conference on Muslim Education published the following comments on the goals of education within the Islamic tradition: “Education should aim at the balanced growth of the total personality of man through the training of the human spirit, intellect, rational self, feelings, and selves” (Syed, 2001).  Continue reading

This Side of Paradise Summary Sample

How Does This Side of Paradise Play an Ironic Role in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Fate?

Writing, famously, both exorcises demons and brings them into the light. This Side of Paradise is not only a blueprint of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s life-long themes, but also a sort of emblematic mirror to his life. Some have considered it to capture “the rhythm and feel of the gaudy decade that was to follow in America” (West), so that by writing his first novel, Fitzgerald not only seemed to be prophesizing on his life’s joys and failures, but also setting up the world they were to be lived on.

This Side of Paradise Summary Sample

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