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Chinese Business Essay Samples

Here are business essay samples that were prepared and written by our writers. Do not risk to use any of them in your studies, except as a source of ideas. They were published to show you how academic papers should be formatted and presented. Pay special attention to in-text citations and references. You may also use some paper ideas to paraphrase in your own words.

In case you are limited in time and aren’t sure in your writing and research skills, you can always count on our writers. They will help with papers of any difficulty level and topic. Just express your requirements and they will be followed in spades.


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Historical Figure Essay Samples

Here you can read historical figure essay samples about Otto Von Bismarck and Adolf Hitler. The first one is supposed to answer the question and the second one to comment on the statement. You may be assigned to finish a completely different task, but the requirements will remain the same. You will be asked to write a historical figure essay that meets one of the formatting styles’ requirements and instructor’s expectations. Look through the samples we’ve posted for you to be sure you know how similar papers should be written and analyzed.

You can count on our writers as well if your deadlines don’t give you any choice. They will complete a paper sample for you within the shortest deadline.

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Little Tricks How to Make Philosophy Essay Writing Outstanding

College essay writing help does not always mean receiving the finished piece of writing and doing nothing. If you have any questions, about how to write various types of papers, you may start with online guides. Want to find out how to make your review sound really interesting? Wish to impress the professor with a perfectly written term paper? Are you interested in helpful advice with academic writing in general? Guides are the best sources, for you, to get answers for all your questions, without spending too much time on research.


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How to Write a Research Paper Without Sleepless Nights

What Is a Research Paper: Definition

Before we start talking about the mechanics of writing a good research paper, let’s define the meaning. What is a research paper? A research paper is a type of academic writing that involves an in-depth study of a particular topic or issue. Along with the research of existing materials on the topic, the author needs to make an interpretation of that information. A research paper is not a simple rewrite of existing information; this should be only a part of the paper. A great research paper combines the elements of the factual report and a personal point of view.

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Essay Sample about Love: Norwegian Wood and the Ambivalence of Love

What kind of a love story is presented in the Norwegian Wood?

Norwegian Wood depicts love in a rather unconventional and complex way, playing on the duality physical/platonic.

In the first half of the novel, love seems to be defined in a broad, platonic manner. First we’ve got the “typical” relationship, between Kizuki e Naoko, which actually appears to be extended to Watanabe, forming some sort of affective triangle, though, we’re told, Kizuki and Naoko are particularly close, being really each other’s soulmate. This is no mere love affair, however. The relationship seems to be way more profound, almost transcending the realm of the physical. Even after Kizuki’s suicide, this affective plane is kept solid between Naoko and Watanabe. Continue reading

How to Choose Research Paper Topics: Simple Guide With Examples

If your instructor hasn’t provided you with a particular research paper topic, your path to a perfectly written research paper becomes longer. The first step you have to take is to compose a list of research paper topics and pick the most appropriate and interesting among them. Take into account that the title for a research paper has to be relevant to your research question!

You should devote enough time to choosing a really impressive topic which can be supported by significant arguments and facts; otherwise, you can fail with your research paper on the primary steps of writing.

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Online Essay Writing Helpful Advice

Do you need to submit your paper soon? Do you have more than one paper you have to write? Are you driven crazy by your tight schedule? College essay writing can be a real challenge, especially if you don’t improve your writing skills constantly. Good essay writing skills are not a gift; they are the result of persistent work on your research skills, writing style, and ability to correct your mistakes. You should master this set of important academic guidelines to use every time you write an academic paper.


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Critical Essay: Health Care System Changes

The health care system of the USA faces essential challenges that point to the urgent need for reforms. Health care remains the world’s more expensive in America, spending more money per capita on health care than other countries. The costs of health care for business are escalating quickly, quicker than profits from increased productivity and inflation. The public sector faces the same problem of increasing health care expenditures, being the second fastest growing component of a federal budget. Continue reading