100 Years of Solitude Summary Sample

Tradition in One Hundred Years of Solitude


In One Hundred Years of Solitude, tradition and culture are prominent aspects of the story’s narrative. The novel written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez tells the story of a multi-generational family known as the Buendia family. The story’s partiarch, Jose Arcadio Buendia, founds a town called Macondo, which is metaphorical for Colombia. The story itself is used as a literal and figurative mirror for Latin culture, as the city was one that the patriarch dreamed of becoming a “city of mirrors.” A member of every generation that follows is subsequently named Jose Arcadio, as an attempt to carry on the legacies of Buendia tradition (Bloom, 2003). Continue reading

Heart of Darkness Analysis Sample

What Is the Role of the Framing Story of Heart of Darkness?

While reading a certain literary work, we usually pay our attention not only to its plot, but also to its structure, and the writing techniques used by its author. In fact, the author’s writing is considered to be of no less importance than the plot. It reveals the author’s inner world, his emotions. Furthermore, it can convey the portrayal of the characters, and let the reader experience the story by himself. To give an illustration of that, let us resort to a famous novella Heart of Darkness. Continue reading

Slavery Essay Sample: Jamaica

What Was the Role of Slavery and Slave Rebellions in Jamaica’s Past?

What first comes across your mind when you think of the New World? Personally I think of the Caribbean and its flourishing coral islands with white shores, discovered by Christopher Columbus in 15th century and proclaimed Spanish colonies. Jamaica was one of those tropical islands in the Caribbean. After the years of severe struggle, England defeated Spain and won the island of Jamaica in 1655. Development of plantation system on Jamaica’s fertile lands required a great deal of manpower, and the Englishmen forced the Indian tribes to toil on the fields of sugar cane. Unfamiliar with hard toil and diseases, the Indians soon became extinct (Black, Clinton V. History of Jamaica).  Continue reading

White Fang Summary Sample


White Fang (1906) is an example of fiction that reflects Jack London’s naturalistic approach emanating from Darwinian evolutionary concepts. The novel can be seen as redemption from the effect The Call of the Wild had on author’s reputation, but it is undoubtedly remarkable for the manner in which Jack London presents his ability to modify his writing style and techniques through the naturalistic concept. Continue reading

Machiavelli The Prince Summary

Do you support the statement from the book that stability and power are the only qualities that matter in the evaluation of governments?

In Niccolo Machiavelli’s The Prince, the stability of power as integral to the value of a government, is importantly posited. However is the author’s assertion correct? Can a government be judged solely on its ability to enable stability within the body that it governs or is more expected of it to be successful? Machiavelli through his varied historical examples, as well as history itself, supports his claim. Continue reading

War Essay Sample: How Did Hitler Finance His War?

The reasons of Adolf Hitler’s coming to the power are usually connected with his outstanding oratorical gift, charisma, political will and intuition. However, that would not be achievable without the financial means. Without regular financing of this serious movement, the Nazis would never have reached the heights of power.

The main sponsors of Hitler and his party were the financiers from the Great Britain and the United States. From the beginning, Hitler was a “project” (Moore, 2006). Vigorous Fuhrer was an instrument for the unification of Europe against the Soviet Union. Continue reading

Pearl Harbor Essay

How Did This Military Strike by the Japanese Navy Affect the World War II?

Pearl Harbor Essay Sample

The World War II is considered to be one of the most violent and grand-scale military conflicts not for nothing. Having encompassed a vast majority of the world’s nations, it left its mark in the history of country-participant through battles, territory invasions, captures, etc. Continue reading

World War 2 Essay Sample

What Country Was Most Responsible for Winning WW2?

When the Second World War ended in May 1945 and Nazi Regime tumbled down, it was the rise of two winner fronts – the USSR and the United States. But which side gave more and became the most responsible for that victory?

Different sources, both American and Soviet and now Russian gave us almost opposite information. American sources mostly consider Western Allies as the main players on that chess board. While the three-quarters believe that Soviet could have defeated Nazis without Western help. These contrary opinions definitely caused by the Cold War. Continue reading

Don Quixote Analysis: Opposed Characters

What role do these opposed pairs play in developing the novel’s themes?

The hero of the novel Don Quixote lived for ideals. The issue of the novel is the contradiction between the chivalrous ideals of the main hero and reality, which is not ideal. At first sight the characters of the novel of Servantes look as people with different views and opposed to each other. For example, Don Quixote is an idealist, while Sancho Panza is a practical man. Don Quixote gave advise to his armour bearer. It appeared to be an expression of the social program of humanism, an adherent of which was an author. For instance, Don Quixote, who was above all the feudal prejudices, convinced Sancho to not be ashamed of his peasant origin. Continue reading

Nursing Essay Sample: Noise Pollution

How Does Noise Pollution Affect the Rest of the Body?


There is one factor which in modern world has a significant influence upon human organism and health. However, its significance is oftentimes overlooked even by the specialists in the field of health care, not even to mention regular people. More and more of us live in large cities, in which the level of noise pollution is outstandingly high. And such high level of noise pollution can easily result in significant health issues, including loss of hearing, sleeping disorders, depressions, and even cardio-vascular diseases. Here are just a few examples to illustrate this. Continue reading