Student Essay Examples: Pokemon Go

Student Essay Examples Pokemon Go

Can Pokémon Go be used as a marketing tool and if yes, how?

Pokemon Go is a new mobile phone app game which became one of the most frequently downloaded games within Apple App Store and Android Google Play store. In USA alone, two days after the game was launched there were more than 65 million downloads. Game players are walking around the real-life neighborhoods while hunting Pokemons. The game opens up new marketing opportunities for businesses. Continue reading

The Hound of the Baskervilles Book Review Sample

The Hound of the Baskervilles Book Review

The Nature and Psychology of Guilt in Doyle’s Book

With the growing popularity of the evolutionary theory, the fin-de-siècle literature strived to accommodate the spiritual and paranormal within the domain of science and reason. At the same time, the Victorian era was marked by the rising awareness of the foreign influence and its consequences. In The Hound of the Baskervilles, Conan Doyle explores both subjects to depict guilt as a force that stems from within and is spurred from without. Continue reading

Sample Persuasive Essay on Airline Business

Sample Persuasive Essay on Airline Business

What Is the Reason Businessmen Keep Lining up to Start Airline Business Models?

Businessmen are human and this is nowhere more evident than in their desire to take a skydive into the airline business. Attractive as it has been in the last 100 or so years since it started, many a rich individual have wanted to own the mega birds in the air. It, sort of satisfies their ego to know that they can own an airline. Their ego gets further pumped up by advisors and consultants who convince them that their airline business would reap profits that would fall on them like raindrops from the sky. Continue reading

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The Yellow Wallpaper Essay


Meanings Behind The Yellow Wallpaper

Author Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s skillful work illustrated in the short story The Yellow Wallpaper prompts readers to derive various opinions of the story’s overall meaning. What originally began as a simple tale involving a sad woman in a disturbing state of mind quickly turned the corner into something much deeper. Released during an era where women often were labeled as emotionally unstable and incapable of success, work, and free-thinking, Gilman’s story, based on personal circumstances, helped paint a picture for readers at that time to stay strong and avoid such an irrational state of craziness. Continue reading

History Essay: Where Was Prussia?

History Essay Where Was Prussia

Having analyzed Prussia and its location, it would be safe to assume that it was a German state that was ruled by numerous tribes, that at the time was known as Prussia. Essentially, the whole kingdom was a combination of numerous tribes due to the fact that prior to the German invasion, the region was inhabited by West Slavic tribes.

Although, despite the fact that the region was invaded, the whole kingdom can be considered as German since they were the once who ruled in later and the majority of the locals had pro-German views (“Prussia – New World Encyclopedia”, 2015). Furthermore, prior joining German Empire, the country was relatively small in size. Continue reading

Much Ado about Nothing Analysis


What is the Role of Abundance of Methaphores in the Play?

The great abundance of metaphors in Much Ado about Nothing is a direct result of the subject of the play, the simultaneously exciting and confounding nature of love. Nothing can bring more joy and pain than the pursuit of love. The ability of metaphors to allow a character to convey their feelings to the audience, in a manner in which the audience can directly relate, make metaphors a natural literary device for Shakespeare to utilize in the play. Continue reading

Essay Examples for College: Do Secret Service Agents Get Bored?

Essay Examples for College Do Secret Service Agents Get Bored

No, they don’t. How could they? As we have seen in movies and soap operas, being a secret service agent, keeping people safe, is not just a job where you have a work place to attend form 9 to 17, it’s more than that, it’s a life style, an addiction and it changes someone’s life forever. According to Readers Digest online they are more than bodyguards (Shea, n.d). Continue reading

The Sound and the Fury Essay


How did unique ideas of Compson family contribute to the reader’s understanding of The Sound and the Fury?

The present essay deals with the issue of Compson family’s views and their role in revealing the idea of drama. The novel itself is the manifestо of powerlessness of a man in the face of obstacles.

Since the big family experiences the crisis in all parts of life, the family members may be viewed as victims of fate. Taking into account that all the characters have their individual imperfections – it seems that sin is everywhere with them. It is important to know how Compson family perceived the tragedy. Continue reading