Alice in Wonderland Summary Sample

What Does Alice’s Body Size Changing Symbolize in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll? 

Alice in Wonderland Summary Sample

Being an allegory, Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is full of metaphors and symbolism. One of the most prevalent symbols are the fluctuations in Alice’s size that happen throughout the book.

When she finds herself inside the Rabbit Hole at the beginning of the book she is too big to go into the dreamy and wonderful garden on the other side of the tiny door. She drinks a mysterious little potion and she shrinks. But, now she is too small to reach the key that unlocks the garden door. Controlling her size seems to be one of her main preoccupations during the story. Continue reading

Example of a Good Essay about Indonesia and Thailand

What Makes Indonesia and Thailand So Difficult to Become Developed Countries?

Whilst many traditional theories in economics, such as Robert Solows’ (1956) Growth Model, predict that over time developed countries will converge to the growth levels of developed nations, this has not yet been the case. Growth and development in Thailand and Indonesia has been lagging way behind the levels of most developing nations, with total output growth being dismal. Why is this? Continue reading

The Chocolate War Summary Sample

The Novel of Courage and Cowardice

The Chocolate War Summary Sample

In Robert Cormier’s The Chocolate War, a depressing story about power and forced conformity within a school setting is told. Within this bastion of uniformity is a young man named Jerry who chooses to try and stand against the powers that are within the school. The novel shows a pessimistic outlook on society (“On Robert Cormier’s The Chocolate War | PEN America”, 2016). While Jerry exemplifies courage within Cormier’s novel, the other students exemplify cowardice. Continue reading

Beyond Good and Evil Review

What Is the Message of Nietzche’s Beyond Good And Evil to the Current Society?

Friedrich Nietzsche’s 1886 masterpiece, Beyond Good and Evil, provides a powerful assertion of individual morality that has potent implications for the modern world of the 21st century. In Beyond Good and Evil, Nietzsche rejects moral dogmatism, the assumption that there is a single moral truth and only one code by which to live that truth. Such beliefs, Nietzsche suggests, stifle the human spirit and lead only to prejudice, mistrust, and oppression. True morality, for Nietzsche, is the one that the individual discovers for him or herself, through a painstaking process of experimentation, questioning, and error. Only by suffering to discover one’s own values, one’s unique individual truth, can one ever truly achieve morality. Continue reading

A Perfect Essay Example: NAFTA Effect on USA Employment

NAFTA Effect on USA Employment

NAFTA is a multilateral free trade agreement between the United States, Canada and Mexico. When it came into effect on 1994, it created world’s largest free trade zone. It was intended to increase the international relations between these countries by eliminating most tariff and non tariff barriers to investment and trade. As any other agreement NAFTA also came under scrutiny because of the bad effects it had on the United States when it came to employment. There were reports of wide recall of various products from the United States which was imported from Mexico and Canada.  Continue reading

Critique Essay Example about Israel

Is Israel penniless and defenseless without USA aid?

In 2012, Gabi Ashkenazi, Chief of Staff of the Israel Defense Forces, declared during a conference that the American tax-payers have contributed more to the Israeli budget dedicated to Defense than Israeli tax-payers, and that [Israel] must preserve ties with the United States. I believe this is a security necessity.

In fact, a memorandum of understanding, or bilateral agreement between the two countries guarantees, since 2008, $3 billion allocated from the U.S. government to Israel’s Defense budget during 10 years. Is Israel penniless and defenseless without U.S. aid?  Continue reading

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Political Science Research Question: Why Are Latin Cultures So Corrupt?

Corruption, which can be defined as the abuse of public office for the sake of advancing private interests, is an all too common phenomenon in Latin America. The history of corruption in this region is deeply rooted and traces back to the colonial period. Some of the primary causes for this ongoing state of corruption are: poverty, inequality, illiteracy, democracy, and the media (Warf & Stewart, 2016).

Political Science Research Question about Latin Cultures

Continue reading