Don Quixote Analysis: Opposed Characters

What role do these opposed pairs play in developing the novel’s themes?

The hero of the novel Don Quixote lived for ideals. The issue of the novel is the contradiction between the chivalrous ideals of the main hero and reality, which is not ideal. At first sight the characters of the novel of Servantes look as people with different views and opposed to each other. For example, Don Quixote is an idealist, while Sancho Panza is a practical man. Don Quixote gave advise to his armour bearer. It appeared to be an expression of the social program of humanism, an adherent of which was an author. For instance, Don Quixote, who was above all the feudal prejudices, convinced Sancho to not be ashamed of his peasant origin. Continue reading

Nursing Essay Sample: Noise Pollution

How Does Noise Pollution Affect the Rest of the Body?


There is one factor which in modern world has a significant influence upon human organism and health. However, its significance is oftentimes overlooked even by the specialists in the field of health care, not even to mention regular people. More and more of us live in large cities, in which the level of noise pollution is outstandingly high. And such high level of noise pollution can easily result in significant health issues, including loss of hearing, sleeping disorders, depressions, and even cardio-vascular diseases. Here are just a few examples to illustrate this. Continue reading

Health Essay Sample: Vaccination

Is the Fact that Vaccinations Are Harmful Proven Scientifically?

Health Essay Sample Vaccination

Nothing in medicine is 100% safe, and while the absolute safety of vaccines cannot be proved, it can be inferred by the absence of serious side effects in multiple studies.

Three main fears surround vaccination: fear that it may cause the recipient to develop diseases such as asthma or autism; fear that it will cause the disease that it is intended to prevent; and fear that vaccine components will cause harmful side-effects. Continue reading

Example of a Business Plan Writing: Objectives

What Is a Business Plan and Its Main Objective?

When you decide to start your own business, it is necessary to understand how you will organize it. And that is the moment when you ask yourself “Do I need a business plan?” To give an answer, we need to understand fully what this definition means.

A business plan is a written document used to describe a proposed venture or idea. It typically includes the current state of a business, future vision for the business, target market analysis and challenges, sales and marketing strategies, and funding requirements to reach stated goals (“Business Plan,” 2009). Continue reading

King Lear Analysis Sample

What Is the Role of Female Characters in The King Lear?

King Lear Analysis Sample

Shakespeare in his works repeatedly refers to the image of a woman who in his works is devoid of any extraordinary idealizations, she is not the sainted, and the image of her even assumes a certain negative connotation. The female characters in The King Lear (Shakespeare, 1999) are divided into very contrasting groups representing goodness and evil. In the tragedy at once three female characters appear: Cordelia, Goneril and Regan. Continue reading

Religion Essay Sample: How Did Atheism Start?

Atheism is the absence of the belief in God. The atheistic ideas have a long history. The first atheists were found in the fifth century BC. There were some tribes in Africa with no evidence of worshiping or sacrifices. The oldest documents describing atheistic philosophies were traced in the Vedic Age of India and ancient Greece. And only in the European Enlightenment it appeared as a system of beliefs recognized by modern society.

Continue reading

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Sherlock Holmes Summary: Names

What is the author trying to convey by making Watson and Holmes call each other by their last names?

Sherlock Holmes first appeared in 1887, coinciding with the late Victorian era in literature, and his adventures continued throughout the Edwardian era until 1927. The stories follow detective Sherlock Holmes and his companion Doctor Watson, who serves as the narrative voice.

Continue reading

To Kill a Mockingbird Analysis: Atticus

In To Kill a Mockingbird, why do the children call their father Atticus and not dad?

Father-children relations is of no less importance than the problem of racism in the novel To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee. The main character Atticus Finch embodied in the film by Gregory Peck in 1962 was claimed by the American Film Institute the greatest hero of American films. For dozens of years, the name Atticus tops the baby list and became a symbol of a perfect man and a father. Continue reading

Political Science Research Questions: Donald Trump

What Should Happen so Trump Got a Victory Over Clinton?

Political Science Research Questions Donald Trump

During a variety of centuries in human history, politics has proven itself to be one of the cruelest and most unstable aspects of social life, mostly run by hypocrisy and intensive fight for power. In such an aspect, presidential elections play an essentially curious role – on one hand, they represent political life of a civil society as unity (through voting), and on the other, they are evidence of what each candidate is willing to do, give or sacrifice for the sake of obtaining leadership, even temporary one. As a result, the whole procedure turns into a global mess, as the politicians start playing on people’s feelings, including nationalism, patriotism, dissatisfaction with current economic situation, position of the freedom of speech, laws regarding multicultural minorities etc. Continue reading