How to Write a Letter of Complaint + Bonus Letter Sample

You are a lucky person if you have not written a complaint letter in your life, and are not going to write one. However, every person should know how to write a letter of complaint, in various cases. Maybe, tomorrow, you may buy new shoes, or a new gadget, and there may be something wrong with it. It’s just a little inconvenience, or spoilage. So, what do you write and ask for?


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Analysis Paper Sample: The Marketing of Entertainment Goods

How the Internet Has Changed the Marketing of Entertainment Goods?

Today we can say that the internet has changed every part of our life starting with buying and selling goods and services ending with the way we get entertainment. A lot of people spend more than a half of their free time surfing the internet and using online products.

In this essay we will discuss internet influence in respect of entertainment goods. The field of entertainment is increasingly difficult to define. In this essay, we will talk about films, music and games. Continue reading

Holocaust Essay Sample

How Do People Seriously Deny the Holocaust?

The Holocaust is a systematic, state-supported destruction of nearly 6 million Jews and many other victims of the Germans and their collaborators during World War II. However, it seems to have appeared an indisputably terrifying historical period, nowadays it becomes easier to meet such a term as “Holocaust denial.”

holocaust essay

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Examples of Literary Analysis: The Lovely Bones

What Are the Benefits of Having Franny Within the Novel?

In the book The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold, a girl named Susie is raped and murdered by a serial killer. The story follows Susie as she enters Heaven and later returns to Earth to watch over the people she knew in life. In the story, Susie meets an “intake counselor” in her first version of Heaven. This intake counselor’s name is Franny. Continue reading

Law School Essay: Mexico

Would Mexico Be an Economic Superstar Without Corruption?

Mexico is a country with a convenient geographical location, which gives it a good opportunity for economic development. The country has rich deposits of minerals and metals, including precious ones. The climate favors the development of tourism. But Mexico is still far from becoming an economic superstar. And one of the suggestions is that corruption prevents it from economic growth. So let us try to find out if it is the major cause. Continue reading

Example of APA Format Essay: Millennials

Managining Millennials in Their Working Place

It looks like Milliennials, as the generation born between 1980 and 1995 is called, is definitely making company directors think of a better way to manage their employees.

Due to a very strong tendency to independence and personal growth, Millennials have no intention of staying in a workplace where they don’t feel encouraged to develop their potential or if they don’t find opportunities to make a career based on the support given by their superiors. This situation carries great probabilities of talented employees leaving their jobs: if they don’t grow inside the company, they will do it out there (Fromm, J., 2015). Continue reading

Essay Sample About Myself: Challenges

The Biggest Challenges I Faced While Growing Up


There were many challenges to children who were born in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s; many were the changes of roles in the household since most housewives stayed at home and raised children. Back then, children were very seldom left alone to tend to their younger siblings. Another change was in the economy since post WWII sprung up the Baby Boomer generation. The Baby Boomer generation children were faced with many challenges of keeping up with their schoolwork and grades so they could get in a higher learning institution of their choice. From there, they were expected to find employment and afterwards raise their own families and be independent. Continue reading