Comparison Research Paper Sample: French Revolution Paintings vs Greek Art

It can be difficult to find a really interesting and profound topic for your comparison research paper. To help you, our writer has compared the paintings from the time of the French Revolution with Ancient Greek art. As you may know, Greek culture and art has greatly influenced European art, and we recommend you to read this sample to know more about it. Take a pencil and list the most inspiring ideas from this text. Also, pay attention to the references list and check the sources that the author has used to create this sample. Additional sources will help you find more information on the topic.

Comparison Research Paper Sample

We also have more samples that can give you some ideas for a comparison research paper: comparison essay sample about Hitler’s Germany or Stalin’s Soviet Union, Tesla and Apple, and pros and cons of homeschooling. Merikarviantuulivoima is always here to give a helping hand to those who are seeking academic assistance. Our expert writers work day and night to help students do all kinds of assignments. Feel free to us at any time of the day. Continue reading

Research Paper on Journalism: Democratic Journalism

There is no journalist in the world that will be truly objective. Unfortunately, there is no universal reference point where good is always good, and bad is absolutely evil. Journalists have a great power to manipulate the truth and present it from a certain angle. Democratic journalism is the main attribute of democratic society and seems to be the most objective type of journalism. But even in a democratic state, journalism can be influenced by politics, business, and other things. In the following research paper on journalism the author has tried to analyze how politics and business negatively influence democratic journalism.

Research Paper on Journalism

Sample papers can become a real help when you have no idea what to write about, and we are glad to share our knowledge with you. Also, we recommend you to check the related research paper on advertising on our blog and find more food for thought. If you are writing this type paper for the first time, this guide on how to write a research paper will give you more insight. Sometimes it’s hard to understand all peculiarities of writing a research paper, so feel free to ask our writers for help. List the requirements, set the due date, and receive a finished research paper on journalism on time. Continue reading

Egypt Research Paper Example: Egyptian Art

In ancient times, when most of the population on Earth consisted of tribes with primitive intelligence, the inhabitants of Egypt already possessed art with an extremely original style. Ancient Egyptian art reflected religious beliefs and grew out of the belief that life on Earth is only a small episode before eternity. The Ancient Egyptians, like many people in ancient times, and in our time, believed that a person has a soul that leaves the body after death. They believed that the soul after death flies between two worlds – terrestrial and otherworldly. Architecture, music, painting, literature, and sculpture became part of the ritual and served as a way to communicate with the gods.

Egypt Research Paper Example_ Egyptian Art

Our writer has created an Egypt research paper about Egyptian art that you can read below. Each sample on our blog was created by a professional writer and can become a good guide for beginner writers. We hope that this example will help you write your own paper. If you need more ideas for your paper, check this list of art history research topics. When you have no time for your homework, you can always ask our writers for help. Your order will be delivered in the shortest time possible. Continue reading

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Chivalry Research Paper: The Significance of Chivalric Code

Many of us know about knights and chivalry from fairy tales and brief lessons from history classes. The real life of a medieval knight was too far from a fairy tale. Almost all free time of a knight was spent either hunting or in war. Another way to earn a living was through knight tournaments. However, in the endless medieval external and internal wars, a new image of chivalry was formed: the knight transformed from an illiterate soldier to a noble and aristocratic warrior. Chivalry was a moral system of the Middle Ages, which was based on such qualities as courage, bravery, and honor for knights. For the first time, this code was mentioned in “The Song of Roland” – an epic poem written in the 12th century.

Chivalry Research Paper

The time of brave knights and lovely ladies has passed, but we still bear in our minds the image of chivalric feats and medieval romance. If you need to compose a chivalry research paper, this sample can help you! As this paper was written by a professional writer, it has a concise structure and original ideas. Feel free to use them as a basis for your essay. If this topic seems too difficult for you, just order a chivalry research paper here and receive a completed paper before the deadline. Our service is available 24/7. Continue reading

Jesus Christ Research Paper: Specifics of Medieval Pictures of Christ

If you compare the pictures of baby Christ from Medieval Europe and those from the Renaissance, you will see that artists depicted the child in different ways. Why does baby Christ looks so unusual in the medieval pictures? To understand this, we must turn to the history of art, medieval culture, and the modern image of children. Medieval artists were not interested in realistic images and believed in the homunculus theory of human reproduction. The unrealistic nature of the medieval pictures stems from fact that the artists were more prone to expressionism than naturalism. Our writer has conducted research on this topic and created a Jesus Christ research paper.

Jesus Christ Research Paper

Millions of people around the world believe in God or gods. Each religion offers its own view of faith, but it always affects the human soul and makes it better and purer. If you were assigned to write a Jesus Christ research paper, with the help of our paper, you will get more inspiring ideas for your writing! Religious topics can often be hard, as they may raise controversial and ethical issues. For those interested in religious topics, check the following papers: religion comparison essay sample on Christianity and Mormonism, religion essay sample on the origins of atheism, and an essay on Buddhism. Continue reading

The Hunchback of Notre Dame Analysis

One of the most popular works written by Victor Hugo is “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.” It was the first historical novel in French and it immediately became popular among the public. Most notably, the book glorified not only the author, but also the building of the Notre-Dame Cathedral. In the 19th century the cathedral authorities planned to tear down the building, as it was considered too old-fashioned. Victor Hugo enjoyed visiting this cathedral, and decided to immortalize it in his literary work. As a result, after publication of the novel, tourists began to visit this place and the matter was closed. The cathedral will always remind people of the heroes of the novel – the gypsy girl Esmeralda and the unfortunate deaf and ugly Quasimodo.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame Analysis

If you have already read this amazing novel, but still have no idea what to write about, check the following “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” analysis. Our writer has discussed the character of Claude Frollo from the aspect of an antihero. Hopefully, you will find something interesting in this sample, and it will tune you in to creative writing. Also, check “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” summary samples about Pierre Gringoire on our blog. Don’t know how to write a “Hunchback of Notre Dame” analysis? Just ask our writers to help you! Continue reading

Minting Gold Research Paper

Rome was always famous for its greatness among all other states around the world. The Roman Empire was defeated in the middle of the first millennium. After that the empire divided into a lot of small cities and countries. The period of revival began in the 13th century in settlements of Florence and Venice. If you are a history fan, this minting gold research paper may be interesting for you!

Minting Gold Research Paper

The following paper discloses the reasons why Italian cities turned to minting gold. The author of this paper has analyzed several sources on the topic and found out the main reasons why cities started developing their own currencies. To have a better idea on how to write a history research paper, look at the paper structure, style, and how the author presents the information. You can apply the same approach to your own research paper. To find out more on historical themes, read the related samples: Anglo-saxon essay and history essay about Prussia. If this sample will inspire you to bury yourself in the library and start writing, don’t waste your time! Continue reading

Computer Science Research Paper: Why IT Companies Like IBM Move to India

Many businesses try to move their centers and production to India, China, and other countries where they can lower a wide range of costs: manufacturing, taxes, qualified specialists, and employee salary. Along with this, such companies improve the economic situation in the new area. In the following computer science research paper the author has analyzed the reasons why IBM is spreading its offices around the world. India demonstrates high rates of economic growth and can eventually become one of the world economic leaders. A significant part of the population speaks fluent English, which makes collaboration more effective. India gives a lot of preferences to business, especially in underdeveloped areas.

Computer Science Research Paper

Each sample that you can find on our blog was written by an expert writer from Merikarviantuulivoima. Pay attention to the structure and the works cited list to find more information for your own paper. If you are getting into computer science, maybe the following samples will be interesting to you: informational safety research paper example and Microsoft case study example. Please, don’t copy the text of this computer science research paper to your paper, as it may be considered as academic dishonesty in your educational institution. If you won’t be able to handle your assignment by yourself, our writers are always ready to help! Our service is available day and night. Continue reading

Futurism Research Paper: Futurism as the Most Politicized Movement in the 20th Century

Futurism is frequently associated with the technologies of the future, like those that we can see in fantasy and science fiction films. However, the view of futurism of the early twentieth century has turned into the present; the authors of that epoch romanticized the future, seeing in scientific achievements the driving force of time. Initially, only writers participated in the futuristic movement, but soon they were joined by artists, sculptors, architects, musicians, and filmmakers. This new viewpoint was expressed with the insane experiments with perspectives, lines and colors in art, and with vocabulary and syntax in literature.

Futurism Research Paper

The futurism research paper that you can read on this page was written by a professional writer from Merikarviantuulivoima. All of our authors use only reliable sources to create well-structured papers to meet the highest academic standards. You can freely use our samples as a source of information and inspiration. Please, refrain from copying the parts of this paper into your own writing to avoid being accused of plagiarism. If you feel that you need a professional helper to complete your assignment, leave the order on our page and our writers will do everything possible to deliver the paper on time. Also, you may be interested in the following impressionism research paper sample on our blog. Check it out for more information. Continue reading