Wuthering Heights Review: Edgar Linton Character

Is Edgar Linton a sympathetic figure? How is he compared to Heathcliff?

In the novel Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, which can be defined as a love story of two star-crossed lovers, there are two main male figures that impact the life of Cathy, Edgar Linton and Heathcliff, Both have similarities in their love for Cathy, but they are distinctively two different people. In this summation, I will depict the main characteristics of Edgar Linton while also comparing him to the his rival Heathcliff who both yearn for Cathy’s love and devotion.

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Speech on Moral Values in Life: Samples Set

Sample of Speech About Values in Life

Morality is included in all spheres of public life due to the ability of men and society to expose the moral assessment of all aspects of social life (economic, political, spiritual, and so on), and to  give moral support to the economic, political, religious, scientific and aesthetic aspects of society.

There are some rules which require from people the service to society. Their appearance and existence are dictated by the objective necessity of collective life. Moral acts in the society as a set of three structural elements: moral activity, moral relations, and moral consciousness. Continue reading

Congratulations to Our Best Writers of December 2015!

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Les Miserables Review Sample

Why is Les Miserables Considered Great?

Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables brings numerous worthy traits to the field of literature. The story of ex-con Jean Valjean and his exit from prison brings him to the residence of a generous pastor and his wife who offers Valjean a warm bed and plentiful meal. Valjean violates their trust and robs them of their valuables in the night. Soon after being apprehended, the police realize the valuables belong to the pastor and his wife, thus they set out to return the items. To Jean Valjean’s surprise, the pastor exclaims “No, he’s right. This is his. It is my gift to him” (Crosby, 2012). This surprising second chance allowed to Valjean by the pastor bestows a sense of honor. Hugo understands that the value of the honor he gifts to Valjean’s character is a widely held virtue, or rather a constant among many cultures and religions. Continue reading

Example of Cause and Effect Essay: Stendhal Syndrome

What Is a Stendhal Syndrome?


“The task of art – to excite the heart” – Claude Adrien Helvetius. It should be admitted that this statement is not simple words. The art is so impressive sight that sometimes people stop being themselves and fall into a state of affect. The first one, who described this feature of human psyche, was Marie-Henri Beyle, a French Writer, famous for his novels and books about the sights under the pseudonym Stendhal. In his work Naples and Florence: A Journey from Milan to Reggio he expressed the sensation after visiting the Church of Santa Croce. His heart was beating so fast that it seemed to him the source of his life has dried up, he was afraid to fall to the ground. Continue reading

Hamlet Essay Sample: The Role of Comic Scenes

Does comedy serve merely to relieve the tension of the tragedy, or do the comic scenes serve serious thematic aim as well?

In my opinion, comedy serves to relieve tension within the words spoke to each other along with facial expressions and body language.  An example would be when Hamlet’s mother told him he “Speaks with an idle tongue” and Hamlet’s response was “You speak with a wicked tongue.”   Continue reading

Merikarviantuulivoima in Numbers: 2015 Roundup [Infographic]


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History Book Reviews: Uncle Tom’s Cabin

Did Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin Open up the Realities of Slavery to the Entire World?

The problem of slavery is widely discussed social issue and Uncle Tom’s Cabin is probably one of the best novels where this topic is most vividly pictured. Harriet Beecher Stowe was able to brilliantly portray the lives of people that were treated as objects, which their owners can sell or exchange.  Continue reading