Comparison Essay Example: Tesla and Apple

What Tesla and Apple Both Know About Entering New Markets?

At the heart of this issue is the question of strategy (Johnson and Scholes 2008), and in-part both contradictions and similarities. Tesla and Apple operate to totally separate industries (cars and hardware/software products) yet if you define industries from the point of view customer demand there are clearly similarities between the two companies (Hickey M 2015).
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Health Care Essay: Sleeping Disorders and Smartphones

This is considered to be quite normal to experience sleeping disorder at one time or another. It could happen due to any stress and outside factors. We do not worry about that if it is temporary. However, if sleeping disorder becomes a regular occurrence, a person will definitely suffer a lot. Moreover it will have a negative impact on one’s daily life and health.  Nowadays such modern devices like computers, tables and smartphones are a fundamental  part of people’s every day life. It is safe to say that we can not do without them. They are  incredibly helpful, useful and just fun. But thorough analysis of the pros and cons shows there is much to be said on both sides.
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The Ku Klux Klan History Essay Sample

How Are the KKK Supposedly the “Ghosts of the Confederate Soldiers”?

The American Civil War was a war that took place from 1861 to 1865. Its origin was the issue of abolishing slavery. This war was between the member states of the Union and the Confederacy, also known as the “slave states”. After the war was lost for the South, the Confederacy collapsed and its members joined the Union and slavery was abolished in all over the United States of America. Then the era known as the Reconstruction started. It was aimed to stabilize the unity of the nation and ensure the civil rights of the slaves who were freed.

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Human Rights Essay Sample: Arab Spring

What Were the Main Preconditions for the Arab Spring?

Such countries as Egypt, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Tunisia and some other are united by one geopolitical process named “The Arab Spring.” It was a series of revolutionary anti-government protests, uprisings and armed rebellions that spread across the Middle East in early 2011. Revolutions don’t start in one day. Huge Arab protests were not the exception from this rule. They required definite preconditions and sufficient mass will power to unite against the Arab dictatorship.
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Sample of Essay: Borderline Personality Disorder

Why Are People with Borderline Personality Seen as Devils?

Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a severe psychiatric condition, which is characterized by the rapid change of psychological conditions, depression and panic attacks, aggression, and other dysfunctions of this kind. Unfortunately, people with this kind of disorder are often treated as socially unacceptable individuals, so other people try to avoid them. Excessively religious people believe borderline personality disorder attacks to be the manifestation of the presence of devil.
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Psychology Essay Example: Failed Experiments

psychology-essay-examplePsychology is a science the main idea of which is to study behavior of individuals or groups by setting up general bases and researching specific conditions. Today we see that every discipline uses different kinds of experiments in order to reach primary goals. Also, nowadays is well known the fact that experiment is an orderly action carried out with the final result.
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History Essay Example: Alan Turing

Alan Turing’s Contribution to the World History

Alan Turing lived a short life, but during it he made a lot of discoveries that helped to shape the world as we know it today. His technological achievements not only aided the Allies in World War II, but also helped in the development of modern computers. Considering how much he contributed to the creation of a computer – a device that everyone heavily relies on nowadays – it is strange that his name is not famous all over the world.

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Psychology Essay Sample: Maslow’s Concept

How Has Abraham Maslow’s Concept of Self-Actualization Affected Psychology?

Abraham Maslow was an American psychologist. He was one of the founders of a new trend in psychology – humanistic psychology.

Maslow said: “What a man can be, he must be. This need we call self-actualization.”Self-actualization is a term that has been used in lots of psychology theories in some different ways.” The concept became well-known due to Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.
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Enjoy The Grand Budapest Hotel Summary

How many comedy movies have you watched? Okay, and how many of them would you like to watch again? And again? To me, 90% of modern comedies are possible to watch only once – and sometimes it’s better to not watch them at all. Jokes in such comedies are mostly based on sex or some stupid actions (or both), and I can hardly imagine that someone would laugh at them twice.

The Grand Budapest Hotel Summary

However, there are comedy movies that make you want to return to them; such movies are usually based on what some might call, “the absurdity of life,” but I would rather say, “life in its fullness and diversity.” And, in my opinion, one of the directors who has mastered this approach is Wes Anderson, with his recent The Grand Budapest Hotel.
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