Health Care Essay Sample: Olive Oil

What Are the Health Benefits of Olive Oil? 

Beneficial properties of olive oil are hard to overestimate. For that reason olive oil is often called one of the most useful health products. Before dwelling on the healing properties of olive oil, it is worth mentioning that this product also has a beneficial impact on our appearance – it improves the texture of skin and hair (and for this purpose it is not only eaten but also used as an ingredient for nutritional masks). Olive oil also plays a significant role in the process of weight loss and normalization of metabolism, despite the fact that in essence this product is nothing but fat.
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Marketing Strategy Essay Sample: WhatsApp

WhatsApp Tricks for Marketing

Social media has become one of the main forms of communication in the world today. With communication being the most vital aspect when it comes to marketing it is obvious the need to utilize social media to reach clients. Within recent years WhatsApp has become increasingly popular with regards to social media marketing. It is a service that is available on most major mobile operating software including Android, Apple and Blackberry. In this essay an attempt shall be made to discuss relevant WhatsApp tricks for social media marketing.
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Economics Essay: Hong Kong and China Future


The economics of Hong Kong and Chinese mainland are quite different in scope and in the
presence of economic freedom. Hong Kong’s economy is considered as one of the most liberal because of low taxation and free markets.

Today China is the largest producer of most industrial products and the world’s largest exporter. For many years China is known as the largest supplier of textiles, clothing and footwear, watches, bicycles and other labor-intensive products.
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English Idioms in Different Languages

Hi everyone!

Do you know what is really exciting about learning foreign languages? We’ll tell you: getting a chance to take a look at habitual and mundane things from a different angle, getting a new perspective, and getting in the shoes of people who think and speak differently. It’s like becoming a foreigner!

One of the easiest ways to take a glimpse at the mentality of other nations is to learn their sayings, proverbs, and idioms; and although the meaning of these idioms may be similar to English, the ways it is expressed can be really hilarious.
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Harry Potter Essays: The Chamber of Secrets

What do the origins and parts of the names reveal about their characters? Consider the names of Lucius Malfoy, Albus Dumbledore, and Voldemort.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is the second book in the Harry Potter series written by J. K. Rowling. This book is immensely popular amongst not only children and juveniles, but amongst adults as well. One of the most interesting and distinctive features of J. K. Rowling’s book is the proper names that she used. Some units are proper English names and some are made up by the author, but each and every name has its own meaning within the paradigm of the book.

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Business Writing Sample: Essay on Toyota Value Chain Model

Value chain model is understood as the set of those instruments and processes, which help the company to develop the production and the quality of products. Due to the classical scheme, the chain value involves the organization peculiarities of the enterprise, human resource management, logistics strategy, services, marketing and production systems.

As for the value chain of Toyota Company, it should be mentioned that the value chain model of Toyota automobile services is based on the special attitude towards relations with stakeholders.
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History Essay Example: Hitler’s Positive Changes for His Country

Hitler: Fascist or Reformer?


There can be different attitudes to the person of Hitler, and, sure, it is hard to find at least one reason for non-German people for loving him, but still he was a great leader and during the first years of his governing did much good for his nation indeed: liquidated unemployment, brought back to life German industry, laid motorways, the armaments industry… But all these good things grow dim on the background of that terrible butchery in which Germany and the German people were pulled in by magnificent Reichschancellor. And due to this reason all mentions about the merits of Hitler before Germany cause pain and anger in the hearts of respectable Germans.
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Avatar Movie Review Sample


Many films and books describe human evil, aggression and desire of possession opposed by love, inner beauty, harmony and self-sacrifice. In real life, we face the same too often. In many of us wars, violence, political games, lies, and egoistic user lifestyles evoke a desire to hide, to escape to an unreal life, where one can turn to another person and get a second chance. James Cameron’s “Avatar” (2009) is a famous and successful movie that deals with the mentioned issues.
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