Definition Essay Sample: Enigma Role for Military Purposes

What kind of methods (after breaking the Enigma) and data were applied to estimate the extent to which the information got in a such a manner could be used in direct military purposes?

Germany’s Enigma in World War II proved to be quite the menace for the Allied forces. Ironically, after the British managed to crack Enigma via the use of Ultra, the information they uncovered could not entirely by distributed, even at the cost of lives. When decoded information was fit to be shared, however, it was done by Liaison officers and often to the Submarine Tracking Room in a “subtle” (Northridge, 2011) manner.
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What is Fifty Shades of Grey? Essay Sample

Is Christian Grey (of Fifty Shades of Grey) and the book itself overrated?

Once a taboo subject of interest, S&M and sexual power dynamics are now all the rage with the recent film adaptation of the already-wildly popular book 50 Shades of Grey by E. L. James. Although this phenomenon seems like a gateway to a new wave of sexual liberty and mainstream acceptance of a historically underground practice, 50 Shades of Grey may in fact be doing more harm than good. 50 Shades of Grey is an atrocious excuse for literature that conveys BDSM as a mentally, emotionally, and physically abusive practice — a misconception the BDSM community has been trying to abolish for ages.
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Pygmalion Summary Sample

How does Shaw utilize idea of Visible Speech?

There are 3 kinds of speeches: audible, visible and uttered. In his play Show implements Visible Speech when Higgins writes down all the words of people who crowded near the flower-girl. Everybody thought that he was a nark but he just was a professor, the biggest phonetic specialist in England. Higgins makes big money with his job.
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Introvert Essay Sample

Why Are Introverts More Social at Home?

essay about introvert

The central discrepancy criterion between extraversion and introversion is the perception of the external world. For introverts the inner world of imagination and reflection is closer while extraverts prefer the outer world more. Introverts are more distant from strangers and unknown people spending most of their time in their comfort zone together with people they feel safe with – at home.
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Effective Persuasive Techniques – Part 1

Persuasion is a talent. Possessing the skill of persuasion can accomplish many goals in a short time; in history, we have examples of people who had the gift of persuasion, and who changed the world: Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Buddha, and even such people as Hitler. Although you are definitely not Mahatma Gandhi, you will still need persuasion techniques in your daily life. Why? Well, if you are a student, you will need to write a persuasive essay sooner or later. Fortunately, you have found this guide on the most common persuasive writing techniques, so now you can feel confident.
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Sample Persuasive Essay: SEO in a Local Business

Why Does a Local Business Need SEO?

Nowadays SEO is a powerful tool of making business more profitable. In last years SEO became one of the most popular ways of business effectivization. “SEO involves creating or modifying a Web site in a way that makes it ‘easier for search engines to both crawl and index its content” (Beel, Gipp, Wilde, 2010; Google, 2008).
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Dystopian Literature Essay Sample

Why Is Dystopian Literature So Popular Genre Among the Young Adults?

In a modern society gripped by social, educational, and governmental fears, young adults cling to the ideal of a singularly relatable hero with whom they can identify. This hero transcends the boundaries that are placed upon them and their communities by a higher and omnipresent power. These dystopian worlds are most often the result of an apocalyptic event that destroyed humanity and its comfortable state of living. This “reboot” to society is a modern reflection of past colonists seeking independence from George III.

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Technology Essay: Inventions of Nikola Tesla

How Did Nikola Tesla Impact the World?


Nikola Tesla greatly contributed to the development of commercial electricity. Tesla was born on July 10th, 1856 to Serbian parents in the modern-day Croatia.

Tesla as a child was so curious about the world around him and experienced a strange childhood. Once he attempted to produce electrical power through rubbing two cats together which led to failure.

In pursuit of to the engineering career he attended to Technical University of Graz in Austria,  and later Charles University in Prague. Tesla’s first employment was a telegraph engineering job in Budapest, Hungary. In 1881, he became Chief Electrician of the company and contributed to the development of the country’s first telephone system. Then Tesla went to work for Edison’s company in Paris in 1882. He developed the practical induction mode, which is a type of alternating current (AC) motor. He built various devices to produce a rotating magnetic field, the principal element necessary of the operation of the alternating current motor.
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Top 10 Most Ridiculous Health Searches of 2014

Do you know the joke about how men and women treat the common cold? Women are like, “No, honey, I’m fine, just a little bit tired,” and men are always like, “Woman, come here, and listen to my last words, I am dying…” In fact, there is only a bit of joke in every joke (and the rest is truth), and people are actually prone to look for health problems even when there are none. Below is the top 10 list of the most ridiculous health searches made by people around the world recently. Enjoy!

1. Is it possible for your head to be too big for your neck?

I wanted to write something so ironic, you would immediately realize there is no such possibility and you would calm down. But unfortunately, it is possible. Read about hydrocephalus, if you want to know more. Sorry. Good news: you probably don’t have it.
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