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The Alchemist Review Sample: The Story of Narcissus

How Does the Story of Narcissus Relate to the Broader Message of The Alchemist?

The Alchemist is the novel written by Brazilian author Paulo Coelho. The main character of the book is the alchemist, a shepherd named Santiago who pursues his dreams to find a treasure and reaches it in the end. The book also includes prolog with the myth of Narcissus what is a metaphor for the main message of the book. The message suggests following own path and being self-focused to succeed in life.

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Psychology Paper Sample: Restaurant Business

Psychology of Restaurant Business


The following paper will discuss how restaurants utilize human psychology towards the manipulation of how their customers spend and eat. To begin the paper, an introduction to atmospherics and ambience will be discussed, followed by the minor details that many individuals don’t consciously pick up, yet are influenced by greatly.

Atmospherics are known as the atmosphere’s surrounding, the ambience, such as the noise levels, fragrant aroma or odor, comfortable temperature, and pleasant lighting. These factors greatly influence the environment in which an individual will choose to dine at. Continue reading

Song of Hiawatha Poem Analysis: Indian Theme

Speak about Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s Excitement of an Indian Theme


Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was an American poet whose immaculate works raised interesting points of modernism and survival. Throughout his entire writing career, Longfellow infused spiritual rituals of Native Indian ideologies with seemingly progressive nuances concerning rites of passage and human consciousness. Mr. Longfellow utilized the natural and instinctively wise attributes of the former Native Indians to highlight the distinction of development from rustic living to influential classism.

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Economics Essay Sample about the Obesity

What Are the Effects of Obesity on the Global Economy?

Obesity is a global epidemic that has both health-related and economic implications (Flegal, Carroll, Kit, & Ogden, 2012). As obesity rates have trended upwards over the past several decades, the costs of treating this condition and its related co-morbidities (e.g., diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease) have risen substantially (Flegal et al., 2012). In the United States, approximately 67 percent of all adults are considered obese, and more than 2 billion individuals worldwide can be classified as obese according to the Body Mass Index scale (BMI, Hammond & Levine, 2010). Continue reading

Sample History Paper: English Pirates

How Hazardous Was the Life of an English Pirate at the Beginning of 1700s?

Sample History Paper_English Pirates

Life of a pirate of the golden age of piracy (1690-1730), as it described in pop-culture, seems to be serene and full of breathtaking adventures and battles. However, as always, picture we are used to could be very different in real life. So what are the most common difficulties and dangers of an ordinary pirate? Let us see. Continue reading

Psychology Essay: The Rorschach Test

How Is the Rorschach Test Administered and Evaluated? 

The administration of the Rorschach test has developed considerably since it was first introduced by Hermann Rorschach in the 1920s. The system of administrating the test today has its roots in work by John Exner who developed the comprehensive system in the 1960s to combine and unify the many different methods that were prevalent at the time. Continue reading