American History Essay Example

What Two Events Have Changed the American History?

History is made and portrayed through breakthrough events that forever changed the course of human advancement. While many people are taught political, economic and social forces are the driving components behind those events, well known historian and reward winning Professor J. Rufus Fears believes that individuals, may be alone or together, who change the course of history. These events have accommodated us with the followings:

  • Extraordinary and political contemplations
  • Lamentable battles and wars
  • Technological and scientific advancement
  • Influential  and enormous world leaders
  • Social works of unparalleled heavenliness.

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Essay Writing Examples: Total Quality Management

Total Quality Management and Its Implementation in the UAE

Since the last few years, Total Quality Management (TQM) has received a great deal of attention and importance due to a challenging and highly competitive business environment. Though previously many large as well as small businesses in all parts of the world have adopted and implemented various quality control measures, but the concept and practice of TQM is quite recent. At the same time, organizations in the UAE have started focusing on TQM lately. This essay demonstrates the concept of TQM and provides an analysis of effective TQM practices in various organizations with specific attention to the UAE market.
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The Joy Luck Club Summary Sample

What Lessons Can Mothers Learn from Their Daughters?

The Joy Luck Club Summary Sample

The Joy Luck Club, a novel by Amy Tan, is a reflection of a perennial problem related to a complex nature of the family inner relationship. Being particularly famous for works of literature dedicated to mother-daughter ties, the writer gives an opportunity to plunge into the hardships appearing as the consequence of the generation gap. After getting acquainted with the novel it becomes clear that persistent tension between daughters and mothers inevitably has edifying character.

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Edgar Allan Poe Essay Sample: Fear, Insanity, Depression

Fear, Insanity, Depression: is it all about Poe’s writing, or about the author himself?


The biography of Edgar Allan Poe is as full of mysteries and horror, exactly the same with his short stories. Are the words “fear,” “depression,” and “mystery” more applicable to Poe’s writing, or Poe’s personality? Was Poe’s life any different from his dark and fearful stories?

Let’s first take a look at his original literary works. Poe was one of the first American writers, who practiced writing short stories on a regular basis, and is considered the inventor of the detective fiction genre.
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Psychology Behind Love for the Black Friday

Shopping is nowadays a very popular activity in our modern society. A growing development of various stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets turns it into entertainment and pleasure. The marketing policy makes the goods more attractive and available which any customer can not stand buying. Depending on the area of their interests people spend money on clothes, IT-gadgets, food, cars, make-up and accessories, sports etc. Sometimes such behaviour of buying spins out of control and states a mental disorder named shopaholism which is dangerous to any consumer as alcohol or drug addiction. Overshopping becomes a new issue for discussion in the psychology since times when the process of globalization and drastic economy development takes place in the world.
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A Farewell to Arms Review Sample

A Farewell to Arms – Hemingway’s Antiwar Novel

Ernest Hemingway wrote A Farewell to Arms in 1929. It was not his first book, but that was the one, which made him famous. It was a little bit more than ten years after the World War I, described by Hemingway in this book. I believe, the novel gained its popularity, because it was a true story about the war, which took millions of human lives away. Still what is the book about?

A young American goes to the front in Italy, which declared a war to Austria in 1915. The country was not ready for the war with such a strong adversary as Austria; its army was as weak and incapable to fight, as it had been fifty years before during the war for the reunification of Italy. That time in 1866 Italy won the war only thanks to the Prussian victories, this time the front was also held mainly owing to the French and British troops and Russian offensives in the Western Ukraine. So Frederic Henry, the protagonist of this novel, experienced that war in the Italian Campaign.
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Bored with Social Studies Projects? We Can Solve Your Problem


History and anthropology may be in the past, but we still have the data to talk about these subjects proficienlty, and academic papers on these subjects are certainly not abolished yet. Understanding of the main facts, the importance of critical events, important consistent patterns, etc. is not enough for accomplishing social studies projects. You should know more – how to organize your ideas, how to carry out the research, what to mention in the introduction and conclusion, in what way to choose the most relevant ideas, and so on. This list can be endless unless you are a guru in writing projects and write them without any effort.

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Marketing Writing Samples: Non-Profit Marketing

While profit-oriented marketing seeks to convince customers to possess something through purchase, non-profit marketing encourages the audience to give. As a result, calculations regarding the return on investment and interpretation of the results are different for these two types of marketing. Profit-oriented marketing relates to a product that a company manufactures, and then sells the product to customers in exchange for money. On the other hand, non-profit marketing is when a company announces its work, or the cause it supports, and then asks people to donate money for this project. Usually, it’s various social causes (SmallBusiness).
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How to Get Benefits from Cool Infographics in Studies

Infographics or informational graphics are one of the most convenient visual tools to present your data laconically. Cool infographics are widely used in social media marketing and presentations. Why not use them in studies? They will help not only to present a lot of information in one slide, but also to impress your instructor and your classmates. For example, if you want to demonstrate the demographics for the last 100 years in some country, or if you want to compare the economics of two regions, or if you want to make an unusual resume to demonstrate your practical skills in Web-design, infographics are a perfect discovery for you.
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