Sample Essay: Is WikiLeaks Doing More Harm Than Good?

With the advent of mechanized ways of communication, human society thrived into an era where information is considered a valuable commodity – arguably the most valuable one. The notion of co-creation has a new meaning associated to it; a concept advocating human conscience as a whole [1]. The concept of emergence aided with freely available information, demonstrated as a problem solver in the language of the current time, has had the world in flux.

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Civil Rights Act Essay

Why Did President Lyndon Johnson sign the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Was it politics or principle?

Civil Rights Act essay

Speaking of the reasons that leaded to the adoption of the Civil Rights Act in 1964, it is important to consider the antecedents. According to The 50 – 60s Antiracism Legislation black people were not allowed to participate in elections or vote until 1950’s.

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Best Mad Max Movie Review Sample

The Mad World of Fury

Apocalyptic actions of “Mad Max: Fury Road” take place in the furthest reaches of the Earth. The world turned to hell. It is an arid waste land of sand and dust. Humanity is lost, everyone is fighting for himself. There goes Max, the lonely wanderer, who is tormented by the ghosts of his past. He searches for peace of his mind, but suddenly he is abducted by some wild soldiers and falls into a series of unpredictable events…

George Miller managed to set a certain, utterly astonishing, tone of the film from the very beginning. It is impregnated by fantastically crazy speed, unstoppable dynamics, unrelenting tension, high danger and furious madness, of course.
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Historical Essay: After The Thaw

The “Khrushchev Thaw” is the period from the early 1950s to the mid 1960s when restraint and restriction in the Soviet Union were reversed, and many Soviet political detainees were discharged from Gulag labor camps because of Nikita Khrushchev’s arrangements of de-Stalinization and tranquil coexistence with other countries.

The period of “thaw” did not last long. After colossal anti-communism uprisings in 1953 in the German Democratic Republic, in Poland in 1956 and after mask of the Hungarian uprising in 1956, social affair association of the USSR, scared of the possible liberalization of political organization, started element impenetrability to the methods of destalinization.

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Dracula Essay: The Appearances Count Makes Throughout the Novel

What Effect Does Stoker Reach by Keeping the Main Character in the Shadows for so Much Time in the Novel?

dracula-essay-the-appearances-count-makes-throughout-the-novelThe novel Dracula was written by Irish author Bram Stocker in 1897. It started the new epoch of horror novels, and was the first representative of the vampire literature genre. Even now, after a century after being published, this novel is able to startle and able to thrill its readers. Based on the vampire legends, folklore, Gothic fiction and history (Johnson, 2010), the story which is told depicts not only the episode of an English solicitor’s clerk Jonathan Harker’s lifeline written in his diary, the events that happened to his friends, assistants, and enemies.
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Literary Essay Example: Hemingway’s ‘Iceberg’ Principle of Writing

Hemingway’s “Iceberg” Principle of Writing in Relation to The Old Man and the Sea

Ernest Hemingway is one of the most famous American writers widely known for his unique style and writing techniques. His novel The Old Man and the Sea reflects his genius via the language which seems to be simple, but bears many implied meanings, being the perfect example of the “iceberg” principle widely used by the author in his works. The basic concept of the ‘iceberg’ principle implemented by Ernest Hemingway in his novel The Old Man and the Sea is that each character on the page is only 10% of who they actually are, and the other 90% is implied and inferred within the mind of the reader.

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History Essay Example: Silk Roads

The Importance of Silk Roads in the World History

Stretching across the land from the Black Sea to the eastern Chinese coast is a network of ancient trade routes known to historians as the Silk Road. The Silk Road, and the travelers who made it, was an instrument in forging trade relations among diverse civilizations, but it also initiated the spread of culture throughout the continent.
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Narnia Summary Sample: Allegory in the Book

The term “allegory” is derivative from the Greek term allēgore, which means speaking in a way when words have inner meaning. In other words, an allegory is a representation of abstract ideas or principles by characters, figures, or events in narrative, dramatic, or pictorial form (American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition, 2011). An allegory involves characters and events that symbolize an abstract idea or an event.

Narnia Summary Sample_ Allegory in the Book

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Health Care Essay Sample: Olive Oil

What Are the Health Benefits of Olive Oil? 

Beneficial properties of olive oil are hard to overestimate. For that reason olive oil is often called one of the most useful health products. Before dwelling on the healing properties of olive oil, it is worth mentioning that this product also has a beneficial impact on our appearance – it improves the texture of skin and hair (and for this purpose it is not only eaten but also used as an ingredient for nutritional masks). Olive oil also plays a significant role in the process of weight loss and normalization of metabolism, despite the fact that in essence this product is nothing but fat.
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