How to Cram for a College Exam

Procrastination gets the best of almost every college student. It seems to be a difficult task to sit down and study tons of material for an exam you have the next day. But who says it’s impossible? Cram for the exam with our useful tips!


Don’t Panic!

Calm down. Panic will only hurt your ability to concentrate and plan your critical study session. Take a few deep breaths, relax and reassure yourself that everything will be okay.

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How to Study for SAT: Practical Examples

The SAT is an international college admission test showing admission committees your level of knowledge and practical skills. No matter whether you are taking it in reading, writing or math, it is the right way for you to show colleges your skills. Your SAT results and high school grades is a preferable combo when applying to college admissions. How to study for SAT? We offer you a list of useful points and rules you need to know for your SAT test practice. Pay attention to them.


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Interstellar Movie Review Sample

Were Online Critics Too Harsh About Interstellar?

The “Interstellar” movie, filmed by the famous director Christopher Nolan, was highly anticipated and expected to become one of the greatest sci-fi movies about outer space. However, according to the film reviews from various American publications, the movie unexpectedly provoked controversial feeling and reactions among its audiences and critics. Although the majority of feedbacks are quite positive or neutral, many critics pointed serious flaws that the movie creators did.

To begin with, “Interstellar’s” creators have gathered a brilliant cast of famous American and British actors such as Anne Hathaway, Matthew McConaughey, Jessica Chastain, and others. Even the robot TARS speaks with Bill Irwin’s voice. Naturally, the excellent performance of the actors was not left unnoticed by the majority of film critics. Besides, “Interstellar” can boast of superb visual quality and outstanding special effects, which was also were celebrated by critics.
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Find Out How to Write a Term Paper with Ease

What is a Midterm Paper?


A midterm paper is a type of writing where you discuss or argue a subject that was discussed and studied in class. This is not a research paper where you research topic deeply and use a substantial amount of citations. However, you should conduct a research for a midterm paper too.

Avoid Distractions

Try to prepare yourself for writing a term paper. In such case, it will be easier to write it. Firstly, turn off any distractions like Facebook, Twitter, or TV while writing the paper, because it reduces the progress and you will not get the entire job done.

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Medical School Essay Examples: Ebola Virus

Is the Ebola virus panic feasible? Should people worry about its global concern?

The war of microorganisms against mankind lasts for centuries. Microorganisms have lived on Earth for millions of years, long before the first human being stepped on the ground, so the truth is that people actually live on their territory. Swine flu that caused so much ado several years ago, was not the deadliest disease in history. Pestilence, measles, and smallpox killed hundreds of millions of people. The HIV has killed 25 million people during the last 30 years. Nowadays, humanity is facing yet another challenge – the Ebola virus, which has outbroken in Western Africa, already causing 5459 reported deaths and 15,351 expected cases (WHO, 2014) in a short time. It’s the worst outbreak of Ebola since its discovery in 1976. Average mortality is about 71% (CDC, 2014). But is the Ebola Virus so threatening for the humanity, and should people worry about it becoming pandemic?

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What is a Gap Year: Its Opportunities and Benefits

More and more students nowadays prefer traveling a year after graduation instead of looking for a job immediately. This span of time is called a gap year. One can go to Australia, Norway, Thailand, Canada, New Zealand, India, the Netherdands or any other destination. The length of time you spend abroad can vary too – from several months to a year, or more. What is a gap year after college? It is not a simple trip – it can be career gap, volunteering, backpacking, working abroad, finding new friends, gaining new experience, improving a CV, getting acquainted with new cultures, etc. A gap year sometimes can be called a trip between life stages. Continue reading

Congratulations to Our Best Writers of November 2014!

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The Secret of Writing a College Essay in Humanities

Oftentimes, a humanities essay is assigned for those students who are undertaking a class in humanities field. The field of humanities studies different aspects of culture in the world. Therefore, humanities essay topics vary significantly in scope, embracing history, sociology, philosophy, cultural values, and art topics.

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Sample Essay Writing: Change of Perception Based on Attractiveness

Are the Attractive People Treated Differently?

aaaa4ba74886ceac541236212381ad93“Beauty in things exists in the mind which contemplates them” (Hume, 1757). This statement suggests that what we consider to be beautiful depends on our perception. Moreover, we tend to make assumptions about other people based on whether we consider them to be beautiful or attractive, or not. For example, a person may strive to be fashionable, cover his or her body with tattoos to create a rebellious image, dress up in strict suits to look like an academician or businessman, and so on. These are the unspoken messages projected outwards for other people, or internalized to establish self-identity, or possibly both. Continue reading

What Makes a Good Sociology Essay?

You should be able to use those fundamentals to phenomena and social institutions. While writing a paper, describe the phenomena and try to construe it with the help of the main sociological concepts and ideas that you’ve learned. If you want to get a high grade, you need to show your skills of reflection and evaluation of the concepts you are writing about in your paper.

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