Learning How to Write – Little Tricks from Wise Sharks

Learning How to Write – Little Tricks from Wise Sharks
What ingredients should be added to your paper to make them taste delicious? What accords should accomplish the paper to make it sound perfect? What techniques should be used to impress readers and to write a masterpiece? By learning how to write with our experienced sharks, you will survive in our competitive world and you will always be a step ahead of your classmates.

Shark’s piece of advice #1. Make the readers oriented in your paper. Grab the audience’s attention from the beginning of your story, review, analysis or any other type of paper. Continue reading

Example of Argumentative Essay: ‘Ethan Frome’

The Role of Symbolism for Plot Development in “Ethan Frome” by Edith Wharton

Example of Argumentative Essay Ethan Frome

Ethan Frome” can give ambiguous impressions. On one side, the beginning is very intriguing. The events take place in a distant place located somewhere in New England. We are shown an old gloomy disabled person named Ethan Frome, who doesn’t communicate with anybody. But what mystery is hidden in his past? What has happened to once handsome guy and turned him to a cripple? The way the novel starts implies real drama, passions, adventures, and trials. But, despite of all the expectations, we are shown a boring chain of events that leads to the fatal contingence (Jason Ihle 2012). In his dreams, Ethan is about to give up everything and run away with his beloved woman. But as he wakes up, the sinister life reminds him that he will have to stay at his place forever. Continue reading

A Good Ethics Essay: Tips and Traps of Writing

An ethics paper should be written almost like any other paper, but there are a few important differences. Ethics papers require students to argue for a particular position rather than writing about the general definition of the issue. In order to argue for your position, it is important to develop counter-arguments and then disprove them. All in all, if you assure the reader that your arguments are valid and confirmed with appropriate sources of information, this will enable you to write an ethics essays that will satisfy any demanding professor. Continue reading

How to Start a Rhetorical Analysis and Make it Work

Rhetorical analysis assignments are becoming popular in college. Oftentimes, instructors are asking students to analyze the rhetoric of a specific text, book, article, film, TV show, artwork, or other original work.


Rhetorical analysis is a written example of criticism that incorporates the fundamentals of rhetoric study to find the interrelations between the author, the piece of work, and the readers. Rhetoric is the art of reasoning, the study that teaches how to convince, inform, and motivate particular opponents in some situations. Continue reading

Couchsurfing in Writing Assignments

Couchsurfing is a service helping budget travelers find a free place to stay and to host other travelers. In essence, this means going to one stranger’s residence to another, sleeping in separate room, sofa or even on the floor in your napsack and then moving on to the next place. All the conditions are discussed in advance, as well as rare compensations (for example, for food). You can simply bring a souvenir to show your appreciation for your host’s hospitality. Continue reading

Warning: Do Not Make These Common Errors in English

The routine of writing academic papers cannot be compared with the monotonous work of checking for common writing mistakes. Instructors get frustrated when thinking about correcting mistakes. The grammar level one has reflects one’s writing abilities and creative powers. We are going to speak about popular errors we can see not only in academic writing, but also newspapers, advertisements, journals, blogs, and other popular reading sources. Let’s start with the most common errors in English to avoid them in the future and not to be branded a noob. Continue reading

Stop Writing a Persuasive Essay in a Previous Manner!

A persuasive essay is – surprise! – an essay proposing to convince an audience in your point of view. Unfortunately, people do not easily believe everything they are told, so to achieve this, you will have to act smart, and find evidence to support your claims. Well, writing a persuasive essay is a bit more complicated than just listing your arguments, so basically you will need to: Continue reading

Congratulations to Our Best Writers of October 2014!

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College Students Problems – Solved!

When it comes to studies, difficulties, problems and nightmares are your faithful companions and friends. We are going to dispel all your worries connected with the problems college students face and suggest solutions. So, let’s start.


Problem #1. The most significant one. It appears before entering college and concerns the choice of faculty and courses to attend. High school graduates should make a decision what to do for the next several years, and consequently what to do with their future career. Continue reading

How to Write a Cover Letter to Impress the Committee

Okay, so you are about to send your resume to a company, and the only thing that lies between you and the job of your dreams is the necessity to write a cover letter, when you’ve never even seen one. Fortunately, writing a cover letter ain’t some binomial theorem, so it’s not a great obstacle. Just make sure to follow several simple steps listed below, and you’re going to be fine.

  • First of all, you will need to thoroughly research the company to which you are applying. Continue reading