Examples of Persuasive Writing about Traveling

How Does Social Media Impact on Tourism and Travel?


After a wheel, industrial revolution and Apollo missions that changed frontiers of human possibilities, the internet is probably the most important invention in our history. Internet changed everything.

We are today living and working in the virtual world. We are now exchanging experiences quicker than ever before; and every segment of our lives has its virtual side. For people who lived in the middle 20th century, this is a distant future; for us – this is reality. The internet is a tool of globalization that produced equality of labor across the globe. Continue reading

Cheating Essay: How Technology Changed the Life of a Professional Gambler


Science technology and innovation (STI), according to Phumaphi (2008) is a necessity for alleviating poverty, accumulating wealth and achieving the millennium development goals. Phumaphi (2008) further notes that STI is crucial in “building the technical, vocational, engineering, entrepreneurial, managerial, and scientific capacity’ that would solve the most fundamental socioeconomic challenges in the world. Information technology has revolutionalized every activities, ‘from business transactions, leisure pursuits, to government activities” (Webster, 2002: 263).  The advent of the internet, according to Hindman (2009), has brought about a great influence in the political and socioeconomic lives of the people and the advantages of such influence are irrefutable. Continue reading

Book Essay: Dracula by Bram Stoker

Explain Van Helsing’s role as Dracula’s antagonist. Why is the old Dutch professor the most threatening adversary to the count?


Van Helsing has been portrayed as a very knowledgeable person well versed with modern and ancient medicine, folk remedies and superstitions and an expert of “obscure diseases” (Stoker, 1997, ch. 9). He is old and his physical characteristics eloquently described in the novel further strengthen this image. He is a perfect blend of tradition and modernity (Jann, 1989).

The similarity between Van Helsing’s first name and the author’s name along with the common Dutch ancestry point towards identification by the author with the character of Van Helsing and so this character was meant to be the central figure of the novel.  Continue reading

Flowers for Algernon Summary Sample

Does the Novel Make a Definitive Statement About the Role of Intelligence in Human Life, or Does It Simply Explore this Idea as an Open Question?

Flowers for Algernon is a romantic story about pure love and struggle. Important themes in Flowers for Algernon include the treatment of the mentally disabled, the impact on happiness of the conflict between intellect and emotion, and how events in the past can influence a person later in life. The 1966 review by The New York Times states “The obvious part is the message: We must respect life, respect one another, be kind to those less fortunate than ourselves” (Fremont-Smith 25). A major conflict of man and society appears in this book. Continue reading

Summary of Oliver Twist: Female Characters

The contemporary literary paradigm regards the novel Oliver Twist written by Charles Dickens as one of the most significant works of the nineteenth century, which contribute largely to English literary heritage. Although the plotline evolves around controversial and misfortunate life of an orphan boy, who attempts to act against the demands the society imposes on him and find a decent place in life, equally pivotal issue is the role and image of women that Dickens tries to convey to readers. The three main female characters in Oliver Twist – Nancy, Rose Maylie, and Agnes Fleming – are depicted as fallen women and described as both victims of exploitation and betrayal. Continue reading

Comparison Essay Sample: The Effects of Head Trauma

The Effects of Head Trauma on Muhammed Ali and NFL Quarterbacks


The incidence of head trauma is quite alarming in combat sports like boxing and football. Head trauma arises from hard blow to the head and neck area that causes brain damage and has been referred to as traumatic brain injury (TBI). Its symptoms may be characterized by one or more of the following symptoms: pain, deterioration in cognition, motor dysfunctions, distorted sensory perceptions and behavioral disorders. The most common form of TBI is mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI) or also known as concussion. Recurrent MTBI has been associated with Parkinson and Alzheimer like symptoms in chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) among professional sports athletes. Continue reading

Literary Analysis Essay Sample: The Impact of Pushkin on the Russian Literature

Literary Analysis Essay Sample_ The Impact of Pushkin on the Russian Literature

Alexander Puskin is one of the most famous Russian authors. The  poet left a great legacy which is essential for both Russian and world literature. His works are read across the globe. Various Puskin’s poems and proses are plot for modern shows and movies. There is a great amount of streets, educational establishments, libraries, schools and national awards named after Alexander Pushkin in Russia. The author’s talent influenced entire Russian culture along with Lev Tolstoy, Anton Chehov, Vladimir Nabokov, Mikhail Bulgakov, Ivan Turgenev. However, Alexander Puskin is the one who is considered as a founder and father of modern Russian language. Continue reading

The Old Man and the Sea Summary

What Significance Do the Lions on the Beach Have for the Old Man?

The Old Man and the Sea is a famous novel written by Ernest Hemingway. The book got the author the award of the Noble Prize for literature what made him recognized worldwide. The novel may seem simple at the beginning, though, it tells the story of bravery and heroism (About.com). It includes many symbols like the sea which represents life, the great marlin that symbolizes a challenge and the major character which is a metaphor for an artist who goes one proving his talent and abilities day by day (Pinkmonkey.com). Continue reading

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Shakespeare Essay: The Supernatural Elements in His Writing


William Shakespeare is an English poet and playwright, often regarded as the greatest English-language writer and one of the best playwrights of the world (William Shakespeare, n.d.). He is also considered to be the national poet of England. His works are imbued with comprehensive coverage of the phenomena of life and characters – this is a completeness of Shakespeare’s creations. Ideology of humanism in conjunction with the ideals and aspirations of people have always been the basis in his plays. Shakespeare knew how to capture and uncover contradictions of his time – hence, there are the dynamics with conflicts and struggle and drama in his writings. Continue reading