Management Paper Sample: Workplace Safety and Wellness

Question 1

Stressors are the things or situations that trigger stress in a person. The stressors exceed the usual pressures that an individual needs to be motivated as they cause the release of stress hormones that render someone unproductive. This is because they affect an individual’s, attitude, energy, communication, health, happiness, tension, creativity, and all the other factors that make an individual to function well.

Management Paper Sample Workplace Safety and Wellness

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Biology Lab Report Sample about Starfish Eggs

GST-SH2 domain of PLCgamma fusion protein to analyze proteins that bind to SH2 domain of phospholipase C gamma during egg’s fertilization in starfish eggs (Asterina miniata).

Biology Lab Report Sample about Starfish Eggs


Starfishes are the bottom dwelling invertebrates. Starfishes reproduce by spawning and external fertilization. Thus they produce free-living larvae. These oocytes develop at the early stages of meiosis. In the starfish, polyspermy is prevented by the egg by creating a shock wave. Fertilization is the process of fusion of male and female gamete to produce their offspring. Continue reading

History Essay Sample: America’s History after 1877

My initial American history essay as compared to what I know now and what I am going to write I think was narrow and shoddy. After delving much into the history and learning new things of the nation’s history after the Civil War and how it led to reconstruction and how the country has developed since then. In retrospect I have seen how America came to be and the strenuous process the nation has taken with a lot of time, resources and lives being sacrificed towards the making of a nation. Building of a nation after 1877.

History Essay Sample America’s History after 1877

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Business Plan Sample: Diva

Imitation Jewelry Business in India

Executive Summary

The jewellery sector in India summons entrepreneurs due to its stability and a vigorous return on investment. India is world over praised over the magnificent work of its artisans and craftsmen. Export of jewellery was over 2 billion US dollars in 2011. The banking sector as well as the policies and regulations of the Government in India support the jewellery sector significantly. The Indian diamond industry has received up to $3 billion by about 50 banks. Moreover, it is expected that the Indian economy will have a diamond exchange as well. The World Gold Council indicates that India is the largest consumer of gold! In 2009, India’s gold consumption, (mostly jewellery) was down 33% to 480 tonnes as compared to 712.60 tonnes in 2008. Continue reading

Diabetes Essay Sample


Diabetes Essay Sample

Diabetes (or Diabetes mellitus) is a complex group of diseases caused by a number of reasons. Individuals suffering from diabetes have hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) either because there is low production of insulin or body cells do not use the produced insulin. About 350 million people suffer from diabetes globally (Danaei et al., 2011). The World Health Organization (1999) has predicted that diabetes will rise to the top seventh cause of death worldwide by 2030. Continue reading

Marketing Case Study Sample

1. Mentoring and coaching.

a. Describe what mentoring is and who could be used as a mentor.


Mentoring refers to the supportive and formal process whereby an experienced individual encourages people to manage their personal learning so that they may be able to use their potential to the maximum, develop their own skills, progress their performance as well as turn to be the person they purpose to be. A mentor refers to a guide who is in a position to assist the mentee to find the appropriate direction and who is as well in a position to assist them to come up with solutions to things that have to do with career. Continue reading

Thesis Sample on Management: Connected TV in L’Oreal Brand Extension

L’Oreal Brand Extension Strategy in the Connected TV Technology


Connected TV is a term used to describe the integration of internet features into television sets. In the past decade, technological convergence between TVs and computers has significantly increased. IKEA and Target are some of the new entrants in the connected TV sector. Connected TVs often focus more on online interactive media rather than focusing on convention broadcasts, such as previous television sets (Technology, 2011). Most multinational companies are well aware that their business’s leading role in the international market is sustained by established brands that help acquire loyal clients. Continue reading

Research Report Sample: How to Increase Women Membership in a Fitness Club


Sporting and physical activity provides a means for combating diseases such as breast cancer, osteoporosis and heart disease among women. This report explains the reasons for lack of participation and the benefits of participating in sporting activities among women. The study revealed that engaging in sporting activity offered an opportunity for women to improve fitness, and social relationships. The report recommends that the community sporting organization can increase women membership through coaching programs, improved facilities and provision of affordable sporting services.

Research Report Sample How to Increase Women Membership in a Fitness Club

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