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Sample Argumentative Essay: Plato’s Republic

A Critical Analysis of the Ideal City Developed in Plato’s Republic

The ideal city as developed in Plato’s Republic is one that is based on justice and human virtue. Plato believed that human beings were born knowledgeable. This knowledge was divine and from the gods. This means anyone had the ability to work effectively and contribute towards development, which meant knowledge was no empirical in nature. While evaluating Plato’s work that was from Socrates wittings, it is vital to note that the concept of women representation in the republic was an issue of concern and need to be addressed. Continue reading

A Doll’s House Essay Sample



I. Thesis. Justice and injustice in the relationships between the main characters of A Doll’s House
II. The transformation of Nora’s expectations for the future

a) The husband’s career promotion and Nora’s hopes for a better future
b) Mrs. Linde asks for Torvald’s assistance in applying for a position in the bank
c) Nora’s secret. Mr. Krogstand starts blackmailing Nora to keep his position in the bank Continue reading

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Sociology Research Paper on Deviance

The approval of a certain behaviors depends on the societal culture, which essentially gives approval, or otherwise, to certain behavior. Consequently, it is obligatory to delineate deviance as behavior that violates some of the social norms, including some of the rules that follow formal enactments. To consider a behavior as a deviant behavior, it is necessary to take into account the societal norms. Newman (2011) categorizes deviant behavior as deeds that assault the morals and norms of the society, of which the society must not endorse (Newman, 2011). Some of the behaviors that society does not approve of are crime related, which are not necessarily deviant, but do not conform to the norms of society. Some of the deviant behaviors are manipulative in nature, others elicit mistrust between the people that interact and others are devious, but not criminal.

Continue reading

Dissertation Chapter Sample on Psychology

The Role of Individual and Group Deservingness in Judging Fair Treatment

Background of the problem

The outcome of a judgement depends on individual or group level of perception. According to Ross and Miller (2002), the perception of an individual or group is responsible for the positive or negative outcome. Fairness in judgments uses a respectful procedure that is contingent on deservingness (Feather, 2003). The courts are embracing the procedural fairness judgments to deserve respect. Fairness in judgment has more effect on an individual level than group level (Feather, 2002). Judgment is contingent on the individual perception to the positive or negative outcome. The judgment of deservingness depends on the structure of the case values. A person should feel responsible for the judgement outcomes because of his or her actions. Continue reading

Brick Lane Review

Brick Lane Review

Monica Ali affirms that decisions based on our characters, determine our lives. In her novel, Brick Lane, she tells of a story about a young Bengali girl, Nazneen and her sister, Hasina. She portrays the struggles that the two girls undergo due to their cultural idea of fate acting as their guiding principle in their lives, clearly illustrating that character determines our lives. The two girls are ignorant of the fact “A man’s character is his fate” (Ali 3). Their ignorance is depicted when their future is determined by the choices they make. For example, Hasina elopes with the man she loves despite her father’s disapproval. She elopes because it is her trait to do what she wants or wishes regardless of whether she needs to do it or not. Continue reading

Lab Report Sample: Behavior Modification Effect on Behavior Changes


The mechanism of self-management is considered as the best approach of addressing personal behavior. Every person is different and exhibits different behavioral characteristics. This implies that people have different behaviors depending on the internal and external factors. This laboratory report will focus on self-management and seek to understand how a person can change a given behavior. To foster a deeper understanding, the discussion will focus on human behaviors and mechanisms of making changes. Every person has a behavioral component that ought to be changed.


Continue reading

Analytical Essay Example: Recycling in University of Kansas

Analytical Essay Example Recycling in University of Kansas

A brief description of the issue, existing perceptions as to how it occurs, what you expect to learn with respect to the investigation

Recycling in the University of Kansas, started way back in 1989 with the initiative of coming up with an environmental friendly way of disposing waste products from the university. This saw the coming together of students and other members of the university’s community with the aim of forming a Centre for Sustainability in the school. Together, they formed the KU Waste reduction and Recycling program to enhance the efforts of recycling waste products in the university. This program dealt mostly with the disposal of paper waste, plastic bags, and aluminum cans. Continue reading

Example of Bibliography about James Baldwin


Bio.True story. James Baldwin Biography. 2013.

Retrieved October 4th 2013 from <>

The author gives a detailed life history of James Baldwin from his birth until his death. Baldwin’s success in his writing is highly attributed to his racial and social issues given his sexuality and race. Despite making friends with another celebrated writer Richard Wright, this could not prevent him from carrying out odd jobs to support himself, something that later became a source of motivation for him. Continue reading