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Types of Research Papers

There are different kinds of research papers that need a special approach. No matter if you are assigned to write a research paper of a particular type or need to pick it on your own, you need to know what accents you should make and how to present information. The tone of the entire paper should correspond with the chosen type of research paper. But before proceeding to the types of research papers, let’s consider what actually is a research paper and what is not. Continue reading

How to Choose a Topic for the Best Term Paper


Define your purpose

The first step you should take is to think about the purpose of your college term paper. Do you have to persuade people to believe as you do, to educate someone about an event, idea or item, or explain how to do a particular task? Your topic has to fit the purpose.

Brainstorm subjects of interest

Once you determine the purpose of your paper, write a list of the topics in which you are interested. If they don’t come to mind, look around you. Is there anything interesting in your surroundings? Watch both local and national news. Continue reading

Sample Essay on Leadership

I. Introduction

No matter how leader carries out his duty, because it is not possible to determine which actions and relationships will be needed for achievement of objectives of an enterprise, which pushes forward. People cannot successfully complete their tasks, when they don’t interact with another people from which their career depends. Therefore it is important to understand which place is taken by the process of leadership, what part is acted by relationship between power and followership, how this relationship influences working efficiency and what methods and means of influence followers exist in different situations.

Sample Essay on Leadership

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The Dark Knight Review Sample

Question 1

“The greater the opposition, the greater the height it takes you to.”

Dark Knight Rises


This is a sequel of Batman Begins (2005) and The Dark Knight (2008), written by Christopher Nolan in 2012. The movie starts with the disappearance of batman (Bruce Wayne), whom the people of Gotham had trusted as their true savior during the times of trouble. Bruce Wayne becomes a recluse triggering Selina Kyle to set off on a mission to find Bruce’s fingerprint. Selina manages to find Bruce fingerprints and later finds her way to Bane through Stryker. Bane uses this as a disguising tactic for attacking Gotham stock Exchange. Continue reading

Marketing Essay Sample: Six-Sigma Success Story

Organization Development and Change

Application15.2: GE financial six-sigma success story

Jack Welch’s push to have six sigma adopted in the company began in the 1980s. Welch launched the “workout program” that opened the company to meaningful exchange of ideas from every employee. For successful implementation of six-sigma, the company borrowed best practices from successful firms such as Motorola. Using Jack Welch’s methodology, implementing six-sigma in a firm should be done as follows (Cummings & Worley, 355): Continue reading

Argumentative Essay Sample on Mother Tongue

The main aim of the study is to point out of cultural racism that is present all over the world. Amy Tan, the author of the book Mother Tongue, wanted to use her writing skills and opportunity through this book to make readers realize how not being a native American, as she and her mother were not, can hamper how a person deals with day-to-day situations. The author also wanted to bring the new language she had come upon to the attention of her readers. The language brought her closer to her heritage and roots, and so she felt that this could aid those facing similar problems.


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Career Essay: Career Development Module


My O*Net assessment relate to my anticipated career area in an extensive manner as the points for the assessment linked well. Although the results in the investigative (11) aspect of the assessment were low, I managed to obtain 31 points in Enterprising, 21 in Conventional, 29 in Social, 20 in Artistic, and 27 in Realistic. These results help greatly to identify my career path; thus, provide a means for career planning. Continue reading

Essay Sample on Cultural and Ethnic Studies of The Print Revolution

Cultural and Ethnic Studies: The Print Revolution

Essay Sample on Cultural and Ethnic Studies of The Print Revolution


Thesis Statement: print revolution is the father of modern readership, copyright laws and social cultural reforms

The emergence of the printing press marked the beginning of knowledge democratization. Thus, many people were able to access a wide range of information from the printed sources. However, despite the contribution that the printing revolution made in regards to knowledge, critics felt that it allowed dissemination of incorrect information in some cases. Eisenstein states “the effects produced by printing arouse a little controversy, not because views on the topic coincide, but because almost none of them set them are in an explicit and systematic form” (29). Continue reading