Persuasive Speech Sample on Dog Training

Dog training is the art of teaching a dog how to act and behave appropriately, as well as perform other special duties. For a long period, dogs remain the friendliest animals to human beings. As such, human beings attempt to coach their dogs so that they can behave almost as similar as human beings behave, or assist them in performance of specific duties. Even through dogs cannot speak like humans; they can listen and understand when given instructions. In addition, they perform their duties diligently as long as they know the command and understand how best to execute it.


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Creative Writing Examples: The Rhetorical Theory Behind the Daily Show

Rhetoric is a discourse art aimed at improving the capability of speakers or writers that attempt to persuade, motivate or inform a particular audience, in a specific situation. In its vigorous and long history, rhetoric has enjoyed many definitions. It has accommodated conflicting purposes, and varied extensively in what it incorporated. However, it still maintains its primary character as a subject for educating students. It helps students to recognize how language, whether in writing or orally, is at work. Second, it helps students to become skillful and apply the skills learnt in their own writing and speaking.  Continue reading

Example of Case Study about Intel

Should Intel Penetrate the Smart Phone Market and Tablet Market?

Example of Case Study Intel

1.0 Research Statement Proposition

The response to the research question whether Intel should penetrate the smartphone and tablet markets is clear – yes. This answer is based on the current market demand and financial or investment considerations. The latest report on Intel financials conducted in 2013 reveals that the company’s revenues have fallen by over 3% in the first quarter of the year and the company’s earnings declined by approximately 25% during the same year (Intel). The reason for declined revenues is that personal computer sales have significantly dropped in favor of smartphone and tablets. Continue reading

Research Paper Sample: The Effects of Corporations on American People


Research Paper Sample The Effects of Corporations on American People

A corporation is a legal entity, incorporated through a registration process established through legislation. The incorporated units have liabilities and legal rights that are separate from their shareholders and employees. Through the given rights, a corporation may conduct its business either as a profit-oriented business or a non-profit business. In recent years, many countries are moving towards globalization. However, the move is accompanied by criticism since globalization is feared to be corporate-led. Continue reading

Process Analysis Essay Sample on Sound Amplifiers

Consider a situation whereby one needs to Skype with friends, yet one party cannot hear the other. Such situations irritate in case sound signals are not effective. Sound is a vital element of communication in a person’s life. In today’s society, technology enables people to use electronic devices to communicate effectively within the shortest time possible. In each of these communication devices like phones or computers, in order to intensify sound, one requires amplifiers. This means that amplifiers help in increasing the amplitude of different electric signals, which are crucial in sound enhancement (Harris n.d.).

Process Analysis Essay Sample on Sound Amplifiers

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Samples of Research Papers on Smoking

Sample 1. Smoking Ban in Public Places

Tobacco as a stimulant can be used in several different ways but the most common way it is used is smoking it in the form of cigarettes. Smoking is legal in most countries in the world but in the last couple of years there have been debates about whether or not smokers should be allowed to smoke anywhere they want. It is common knowledge that the ban of smoking in public places is majorly for the protection of non smokers from the side effects of smoking, but there are other factors which inform the decision to impose a ban on smoking in public places (Robbins 38). This paper seeks to investigate both the benefits and side effects of smoking in public and finally argue a case for or against the ban on smoking in public places. Continue reading

Education Essay on the Crisis of School Leadership

The education profession is in a crisis. The world that we are living in is constantly changing, the amount of information that people need to have to be successful is increasing, and the type of information that our students need to know is changing. Educational leaders need to adapt their curriculum and provide training in cultural diversity to their staff to create an inclusive educational experience to their students. Testing scores are going down in many countries around the world, and politicians are worrying about how to help their young citizens become productive citizens.

Education Essay on the Crisis of School Leadership

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Sample Case Studies: The Art Gallery of NSW

Bringing David Hockney’s a Bigger Picture Exhibition to Australia

Sample Case Studies The Art Gallery of NSW

Program Formulation

The main stakeholders can be classified as internal and external. Internal stakeholders encompass the event organizing team including the event director, managers (programming, safety, medical, guest, backstage, welfare, production, lighting and sound, site, security, licensing, traffic), event assistant, site crew, artist liaison, community liaison, advertising/marketing/publicity agency and website sales (Lesley and Lesley 11). External stakeholders consist of the Art Gallery of NSW (venue owner), sponsors, contractors and service providers/suppliers of amenities such as water, electricity, accommodation, food and transport). Other external stakeholders will encompass media, clients (participants including speakers, artists and performers), competitors, local community (Sydney and Australian population), foreign visitors, volunteers and stewards, local government of Sydney and national government of Australia (regulatory authorities). Continue reading

Laboratory Report Sample: The Function of Glucose

What is the function of glucose, used in conjunction with lysosome in the initial step of the practical?

Laboratory Report Sample The Function of Glucose

In the isolation process, the purpose of glucose is to prevent the cell from bursting once it is exposed to the buffer. Glucose achieves this by increasing the osmolarity outside the cell wall where the buffer solution is close to the cell wall (Mills 2002 p. 99). This is to prevent the cell bursting prematurely which will affect the yield and degrade the sample being extracted. Glucose is ideal to use as it does not affect or negate the functions of the buffer used in the isolation. The function of the lysosome is to digest the cell wall to the point that it breaks open. It is also used to do away with unwanted material in the cell. Continue reading

Critical Thinking Sample: Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada

A Critical Analysis of the Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC)

Critical Thinking Sample Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada



The Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) program is a Canadian federal Government initiative started in 1992 with the objective of facilitating the cultural, social and economic integration of refugees and immigrants into Canada.The program offers language instructions in either French or English to newcomers in Canada. This program is funded by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), and it is provided free of charge (CIC, 2011). Continue reading