Sample Essays for College: Marketing Strategy

Sample Essays for College Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy and Its Effect to Consumer Behaviors

Executive Summary

Marketing is indisputably one of the most important aspects of any successful business. It forms the basis for productivity, profitability, product branding, identification of the target market for a certain product, creation of awareness on a certain product brand that either has been newly introduced into the market, or, has been in existence in that particular market for some time, and many more factors that are relevant for successful businesses. Continue reading

Critical Thinking Paper Sample: Judicial Independence in Hong Kong

Critical Thinking Paper Sample Judicial Independence in Hong Kong

There are many public protests in Hong Kong against the governance of Tung Chee-Hwa who is the executive, as his policies and administration are against the expectations of Hong-Kong public, they want proper and limited exercise of power by the executive so that establishment of capable, proficient and transparent government can be ensured, but Tung Chee-Hwa’s administration is constantly under the influence of Chinese government.

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Presentation Sample on Accounting

Presentation Sample on Accounting

Red Hat Code of Business Conduct and Ethics


The above code of conduct applies to the Red Hat Company and any other subsidiaries that might be attached to it. These subsidiaries include the business entities are directly controlled by the Red Hat Company irrespective of where they are located across the globe. The Red Hat Company has esteemed directors, employees and officers and this code of conduct serves to outline the legal and ethical standards that they should uphold. Continue reading

Human Resource Plan Example

human resource plan example

Human Resources Management is a very important aspect of an organization’s functions as it ensures that a company’s most valuable resource is properly catered for. Several studies has shown that proper human resource management in an organization is reflected in their many outcomes, hence, Human Resources Managers often adopt “strict” measures in dealings by improving on strategic technology and planning so as to remain relevant among their pers. According to a study by the International Business and Economics Research Journal, the challenges of Human Resources Development stems from the realization that a better Human Resource mean a better organizational performance, albeit they may not have a direct relationship.

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Coursework Sample on Metabolic Responses of the Body Towards Supramaximal Exercise

Coursework Sample on Metabolic Responses of the Body Towards Supramaximal Exercise

Metabolic Responses to Supramaximal Exercise


The objective of the present study is to assess, determine and understand the various metabolic responses and functions of the body towards supramaximal exercise through extensive literature survey and study of the previous available research conducted in this area.


Energy during exercise is supplied by two metabolic pathways, aerobic and anaerobic pathways. Supramaximal exercises are highly stressed exercises which are majorly performed for body and muscle building and also for keeping one’s body and muscles fit. Continue reading

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Pearl Harbor Essay: Japanese Attack

Pearl Harbor Essay Japanese Attack


The Second World War, which lasted between 1939 and 1945, was one of the most devastating wars in the world history. During this time, many countries were at war with each other in the battle of supremacy. The Japanese attack on United States Pearl Harbor became one of the many wars that countries across the world engaged in during this time. What however were the reasons Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, and what was the course of the attack? Continue reading

Industrial Revolution Essay

Industrial Revolution Essay

Did the Industrial Revolution Lead to a Sexual Revolution?

The Industrial Revolution happened during the late 1700’s, as well as in the early 1800’s. The Industrial Revolution involved a sequence of changes within the industrial techniques, as well as in the production sector. However, it can also be regarded as a social revolution that brought about social causes with profound social effects. The consequences of the Industrial Revolution have brought about several disasters to mankind. The society has become destabilized although it has led to the increase in life expectancy. This destabilization has led to dissatisfaction since it subjects humans to indignities, as well as creating prevalent psychological suffering. Furthermore, the natural world has also been considerably inflicted by severe damage (Mitchell J. and Mitchell B. 23). This essay argues that the Industrial Revolution led to a sexual revolution. Continue reading

How to Write a Philosophy Essay

Broadly, there are two aspects in writing a philosophy essay: exposition, that is describing what exactly authors want to say on a theme, and your individual original thoughts, either on the topic itself, or maybe on the authors’ arguments. At first work with exposition, and how to do it in some way that makes it more simple to come up with the own original thoughts on the theme, and then work more directly with your own original thoughts. Continue reading

Presentation Sample: Why Every American Should Have a US Passport?

Presentation Sample Why Every American Should Have a US Passport

It may seem obvious that a U.S. passport is a must for every sensible American, but still the real situation is far different. Less than a half of the citizens possess this significant document, so I will try to highlight all the existing benefits. A list of benefits include following ones:

  • Convenient and efficient traveling abroad. To speak honestly, your passport is an only piece of documents that will allow to travel abroad, so even if there are exceptions it is much more easier to use it while crossing the border. Continue reading