A Rose for Emily Essay: Customs and Values

A Rose for Emily Essay

A Rose for Emily is a short story by William Faulkner which reflects the spirit of the time when it was written. The temporal and spatial setting of the story reveals the plot in two dimensions: the old times and the modern times (Gehmlich). Ms. Emily lives somewhere in between these two periods of time. Even though she is an outcast, she is influenced by the culture and traditions typical for her society. Emily is not happy because she remains to live and think in terms of her past, and she cannot follow the rapid pace of changes in the community of Jefferson. Continue reading

Marketing Coursework Sample: Herbal Household Shampoo NPD


The purpose of this project is to study about attributes which are important for choosing and developing a new product for an existing market. Also choosing a product that can give customer satisfaction as well. The product I have chosen is Herbal Household Shampoo.

Marketing Coursework Sample Herbal Household Shampoo

In any business  new product development which is also known as NPD is the total new process of introducing and brining a fresh product to a market. Continue reading

Argumentative Essay Sample on Homeschooling

Essay Sample on Homeschooling


Homeschooling refers to the process of educating children at home instead of sending them to public schools which are shared by students from different families. It happens when a child learns subjects taught in standard schools at home either by parents, brothers, sisters, or students from the neighborhood. Homeschooling is not for everyone. As we shall see later, it has been found out that homeschooling has its pros and cons and demands a lot of courage and commitment to make things go through. Continue reading

Philosophy Essay Sample about Realism and Idealism

Nagel Argues for What He Calls Realism and Against a Particular Version of Idealism

Philosophy Essay Sample about Realism and Idealism

Idealism is a notion that in due course presumes awareness has dominance over realism. This means that the conscious is not eventually limited by an outside realism and that the realism is established by the mentality. In other terms, reality is established by notions in the mentality. There are various arguments that can be presented against the idealism. As a matter of fact I will put in mind realism in regard to the outside world to be any kind of dedication to the thesis that physical truths are totally dependent on the mind, in any case one could contribute to the idea of mind-autonomy. In this essay idealism will be denial to the realism. Continue reading

Essay Sample: Bioinorganic Chemistry

Applications of the Pearson’s Hard Soft Acid Base Theory in Inorganic Biochemistry

Essay Sample Bioinorganic Chemistry

Iron and its role in enzyme catalyzed activities

Iron plays a very crucial role in a number of reactions in the body. One of the enzymes that heavily relies on iron is an enzyme known as catalase. This enzyme is found essentially in all living organisms. This enzyme catalyzes a reaction that involves the breakdown of hydrogen peroxide to give oxygen and water. It is a very crucial enzyme especially to reactions which are reproductive. It also has among the highest turnover figures. Continue reading

Example of a Case Study: Personal Application about Apple Finance Program

Concrete Experience

Example of a Case Study Personal Application about Apple Finance Program

Towards the end of the year 2012, Apple inclusive experienced a drop in the iPad UK market share (Bryant, 2012). Apple Inc, wanted to ascertain the cause of the drop. I worked in a team that sought to find out the effectiveness of the Apple Financing program that gave loans to customers to buy Apple products. It sold products on credit. By offering products on credit, a certain percentage of customers would choose to buy on credit because it is available instead of cash. Apple earns an interest rate of 14.9% because of allowing the customer to purchase on credit. My responsibility included collecting data about the company since the program started. Some of my colleagues were involved in interviewing customers on the benefits of the program. We used percentages to determine the effectiveness of the program. We drafted questionnaires for customer satisfaction interviews. We also drafted a mini-budget for the evaluation process. Continue reading

Radiation Essay Sample: Radiation Safety Act 1975 – 1999 Analysis

Medical Radiation Safety Legislation in Professional Health

Radiation Essay Sample


Most of the Australian laws and Acts governing health care lie within the State Law. The issue of being a state law implies that the laws vary from one state to another. The law offers information on safety issues about utilization of both non-ionizing and ionizing radiation on the patient. The tenets of the law ensure that the health risks are minimal, and the environment is protected from this radiation, which would be harmful when used in the wrong manner (IAEA 2011). The act defines the standards that should be followed, for instance, the allowed sources of radiation, premises within which the radiation as a form of treatment can be offered and storage of the radioactive substances. This paper analyses the Radiation Safety Act 1975 – 1999, by summarizing the Act and relating it to medical practitioners and their clinical practices. Continue reading

Consumerism Essay Sample: Nanny State vs. Freedom of Consumer Choice

College Essay Sample about Consumerism

There has been much debate about how best to deal with the expanding waistlines and other health maladies that Americans seem to be enduring more and more every day. There are two primary camps in this debate and both are very entrenched. The first camp are the pro-government sources who say that governmental agencies can and must intercede and force food companies and/or consumers to comply with certain regulations and rules so that it improves the general health of the broader populace over time. Continue reading

Gay Marriage Essay

Should there be a constitutional amendment that allows gay marriage to become legal?



The issue of same-sex marriages has attracted a lot of debate in the 21st century as various groups come out in open to demand for their rights. Researchers have been keen to point that using the constitution to legalize same-sex marriages can cause more problems for society. It is from this standpoint that this research has added towards the opposition on amending the constitution in favor of gay marriages. Based on already existing research this paper concludes that from a religious, moral, and ethical standpoint, gay marriages should never be legalized through constitutional amendments. Continue reading

Essay on Abortion

Essay on Abortion

Abortion legislation has long been a topic of debate in the U.S. political arena. Recent developments suggest legislation is growing more conservative towards abortion laws. This is specifically true in regards to what is legally considered an ample amount of time to allow for an abortion following conception, as well as whether abortion should be covered under health insurance, both public and private. Continue reading