How to Write a Philosophy Essay

Broadly, there are two aspects in writing a philosophy essay: exposition, that is describing what exactly authors want to say on a theme, and your individual original thoughts, either on the topic itself, or maybe on the authors’ arguments. At first work with exposition, and how to do it in some way that makes it more simple to come up with the own original thoughts on the theme, and then work more directly with your own original thoughts. Continue reading

Presentation Sample: Why Every American Should Have a US Passport?

Presentation Sample Why Every American Should Have a US Passport

It may seem obvious that a U.S. passport is a must for every sensible American, but still the real situation is far different. Less than a half of the citizens possess this significant document, so I will try to highlight all the existing benefits. A list of benefits include following ones:

  • Convenient and efficient traveling abroad. To speak honestly, your passport is an only piece of documents that will allow to travel abroad, so even if there are exceptions it is much more easier to use it while crossing the border. Continue reading

Why Is the War on Drugs a Failed Policy? Example of an Argumentative Essay

The war on drugs was declared by President Nixon in 1971. The policies formed to propel this war formed part of the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970. The central notion in these policies was to ensure absolute prohibition of drug abuse within the boundaries of the United States. Nixon’s administration also introduced federal demand reduction and drug treatment programs which replaced the two to ten years imprisonment that was initially established by the federal government. The preceding law was imposed on anyone who could be found in possession of marijuana. In 1982, CIA and military engagement was pushed to help fight the war on drugs.

Why Is the War on Drugs a Failed Policy Example of an Argumentative Essay

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Burro Genius: A Memoir Book Review Sample

Book Review Sample

Burro Genius: A Memoir

The writer has selected the book Burro Genius: A Memoir because it provides a rich background from which the American education system can be reviewed. The book explores the challenges and problems that various students and teachers experience in the American education system. The book tells the story of a young Mexican man, Victor Villaseñor who went to school in the 1940s. Despite his ability in mathematics, Victor lags behind because of the challenges he has in English language. His teachers and classmates think that he is stupid and lazy and cannot learn English (Villasenor, 2005). However, Victor suffers from dyslexia, a developmental reading disorder. The disease is diagnosed when victor is 44 years old after his school going children experience difficulty in reading. Continue reading

Business Case Study Examples: Strategic Decision Making in Honey Companies

Strategic Decision Making and Business Model Development

Business Case Study Examples Strategic Decision Making in Honey Companies

Strategic Positioning

Differentiation and positioning are closely related marketing approaches. Positioning is the approach to conveying what makes the product or company better than or different compared to the competitors. On the other hand, differentiation is the way the company performs its positioning through promoting the benefits its offers or distinct attributes. Positioning approaches can be developed in different ways. It can be based on the product characteristics, types of consumers, application, competition, or object attributes. Continue reading

Business Plan Sample: TQM


An organization succeeds through the nature of the management. The management may be good or poor. Good managers propel organizations to high prospects. They ensure that the mission and vision is fulfilled. Poor managers affect organizations negatively. They tend to make losses and lead the organizations down the drain. Shurooq being a multi- lineal type of organization requires a high level of managerial expertise. This ranges from skills, professionalism and action. This is because it deals with a lot of tasks which makes it complex to handle. Continue reading

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Coursework Sample: Pizza Hut in Hong Kong

Are basic customer requirements considered by the product provider?

Coursework Sample Pizza Hut in Hong Kong


Pizza Hut in Hong Kong has an objective of providing quality services to customers by offering delicious meals and drinks. A good marketing strategy is a key factor in success of every business; therefore, Pizza hut in Hong Kong offers a variety of quality meals and drinks that include pizza, pasta and several snacks ((Jones, 2011). Although most foods that are served by the restaurant have Western origin, the company has flavored some of its products with Chinese ingredients making them attractive to the locals who are majority customers in the area. Continue reading

Persuasive Speech Sample on Dog Training

Dog training is the art of teaching a dog how to act and behave appropriately, as well as perform other special duties. For a long period, dogs remain the friendliest animals to human beings. As such, human beings attempt to coach their dogs so that they can behave almost as similar as human beings behave, or assist them in performance of specific duties. Even through dogs cannot speak like humans; they can listen and understand when given instructions. In addition, they perform their duties diligently as long as they know the command and understand how best to execute it.


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Example of Case Study about Intel

Should Intel Penetrate the Smart Phone Market and Tablet Market?

Example of Case Study Intel

1.0 Research Statement Proposition

The response to the research question whether Intel should penetrate the smartphone and tablet markets is clear – yes. This answer is based on the current market demand and financial or investment considerations. The latest report on Intel financials conducted in 2013 reveals that the company’s revenues have fallen by over 3% in the first quarter of the year and the company’s earnings declined by approximately 25% during the same year (Intel). The reason for declined revenues is that personal computer sales have significantly dropped in favor of smartphone and tablets. Continue reading