Ethical Dilemma Essay

Tools a Principal Can Use to Make an Ethical Decision When Faced with Two Right Options

The question of ethics is central to the functioning of society with the prevalent values of honesty, respect, responsibility, compassion as well as fairness acting as the entry atrium in the understanding of ethics. Society that is otherwise characterized by uncertainty and volatility, free from a moral check, would be an ideal environment for corruption, dishonesty, injustice, irresponsibility and other societal ills to thrive, hence the significance of ethics (Fieser & Pojman, 2011). Ethics is a discipline free from the law; it is about obedience to the “unenforceable” as excellently articulated by the 19th Century British Parliamentarian, Lord Moutton. Continue reading

Cause and Effect Essay Sample on Internet

The Effect of the Internet on Modern Society

Cause and Effect Essay Sample on Internet

The last 50 years have been largely influential in many aspects of technological innovation. Many devices that were considered fiction half a century ago, such as mobile phones, microwaves, jets and many others are taken for granted nowadays. Each of these modern devices impacts people’s everyday activities. However, among the wide variety of innovations that exist today, the Internet is, perhaps, the most influential of all and it affects almost all spheres of human life. Continue reading

Essay on Character: Byronic Hero in Disgrace

Coetzee’s novel Disgrace illustrates the difficulties that characters experience in wiping out a society of violence. This novel does not simply refer to the actions that result to the fall of David Lurie from a life of grace to grass or his daughter’s violation, but it refers to a life that has lost the aspects that make life valuable. Even though, David might be perceived as departing from his literature model, Byron, and submitting himself the chances of creating history, he is quietly falling into a history that is distorted, and transcending humanity and sexuality then reducing into nothingness. This essay elaborates the attempts that David made in becoming a Byronic hero, why he got attracted to that figure, and whether he succeeds throughout the novel.

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Examples of Argumentative Essays

Twin College Essay: The Benefits of Being a Twin


Perhaps almost everyone has dreamed of having a twin in their childhood. It seemed to be so beneficial to have an identical copy of oneself that would think and act similarly. For children, having a twin means to have a reliable friend throughout their whole lives, a mate for sharing numerous jokes and playing games, or an invaluable assistant who would always come to help in the time of need. However, having a twin doesn’t lose its advantages even in the adult age. Twins share many interests; they often form bonds that, due to their unique nature, are not possible in any other relationship and it lasts forever. Therefore, being a twin has many benefits. Continue reading

Expository Essay Sample on Fossil Fuel Crisis

Fossil Fuel Crisis and Hope for the Future

Expository Essay Sample on Fossil Fuel Crisis

Over the last two hundred years, global society has become extremely reliant on fossil fuels and among the many fossil fuels used, oil is by far the most prominent (Hopewood, 2006). In 2010, oil consumption in America reached seven billion barrels which equates to nineteen million barrels per day (EIA). Consequently, because fossil fuels are not a renewable source of energy, there have been concerns about future global oil shortages. Continue reading

Pandora’s Box Summary Sample

The Pandora’s Box myth focuses much of its efforts towards exploring the curiosity which intrigues individuals of all gender (both men and women). Immediately Pandora decides to open the box given to her by her father, the outcomes are vivid depictions of her being a woman who brought evil to the world as well as the essence of creating an understanding of why she is rather scared of being discovered by her father. The intrinsic value of the Greek myth in this case is that curiosity has the ability of taking over the body. However, when people are warned against taking certain actions, they need not take it.


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Ecology Lab Report Sample


Ecology Lab Report Sample

The big picture is that sampling natural systems in a structured repeatable way is critical for ecologists. The sole purpose of study analysis is to make data finer before it is published as a report. We confine our self to the scope of this study, and the method of approach in the review is that of declining type. This is so since it is a fast proxy to weigh the ecological evidence at hand in a peer review situation. The data streams presented in the field research elaborate a certain estimate acquired from a range of several referees. Continue reading

Cause and Effect Essay Sample on Dell

The Success of Michael Dell, the founder and CEO of Dell, Inc.

Even at age 47, Michael Saul Dell is a known figure throughout the world. In 1992, he was the youngest CEO running a Fortune 500 company and this year, he became the 41st richest person in the world (Forbes, 2012). Behind this figure stands a giant corporation – Dell, Inc., one of the world’s leading manufacturers of personal computers. When it comes to discussions of how Dell transformed from a dorm room headquartered company to the world’s third largest PC vendor, debates often evolve around the topic of opportunistic timely investment. Continue reading

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Politics Essay: United States and Saudi Arabia

United States and Saudi Arabia have a long history between them and for a long time stemming from 1940 when they established a strong diplomatic relations. Saudi Arabia is strategically placed in terms of resources and convenience. Both countries have similar concerns touching on oil and terrorism concerns. Much as the two nations have plenty in common, there are other differences that include culture and variety of people.


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