Short Story Analysis Sample: Nicolai Gogol

Short Story Analysis Sample

This article is devoted to the analysis of Nicolai Gogol’s stories The Story of How Ivan Ivanovich Quarreled with Ivan Nikiforovich and Old World Land Owners. The first story takes place in a small town of Myrgorod in Ukraine. The two Ivan’s have been great friends, neighbors, and gentle land owners but each one is almost opposite image of the other. For example, Ivan Nikiforovich is fat, short and is honest while, on the other hand, Ivan Ivanovich is thin, tall and well spoken (Gogolʹ, Leonard and Constance). This story starts with great harmony and coexistence between the two and the village knows them to be the best friends. This tale is all about an absurd argument between two formerly good friends living in the town of Myrgorod. The story is the funniest of Nicolai’s collection. Continue reading

Microsoft Case Study Sample: Employee Motivation

Employee Motivation and Retention Strategies at Microsoft

Microsoft Case Study Sample Employee Motivation


Over time computers have proved to be vital in almost every line of work. The technology sector has experienced tremendous transformations making computers to carry out various crucial tasks in organizations. This has made organizations to base their tasks and responsibilities on computers for they enhance competitive advantage features. Computers have many beneficial features that enhance efficiency in the activities of organizations. This has showed that organizations are ready to invest heavily on computer based operations to attain their objectives efficiently. The computer software industry has changed over the years as it is very competitive and many organizations aim at meeting the expectations of the consumer in the best way possible. Continue reading

Essay on Leadership

Essay on Leadership


Supervision remains a critical factor for the success of any organization in the contemporary business world. However, most people fail to utilize effective supervision skills for lack of training in the field. In every organization, supervisors play a crucial role of linking the top management to the lower management levels and ordinary employees. As such, the distinct roles are played by supervisors in ensuring the success of the organization. Supervisors usually impact the behavior of employees, endeavors, motivation, as well as performance by utilizing effective supervisory skills. Supervisors are usually charged with the responsibility of positively influencing the process of growth and development of an organization while bettering the end result. Continue reading

Placebos in Pediatric Research – College Essay Sample

Placebos in Pediatric Research _College Essay Sample

In a clinical medicinal trial, it is essential to ensure that the achieved results originate from the effects of the test drug. A placebo is an ineffectual treatment intentionally given to deceive a patient. Placebo effects, which are the result of an individual’s expectation influencing an outcome, can potentially lead to false positive trial results. Placebos are used in clinical trials to ensure that the effects subjects are experiencing are undoubtedly caused by the treatment they are receiving, and not their expectations for results. Without differentiating between these two possibilities, it is impossible to know why the subject is being affected by the trial in the way he/she is. The use of placebos in clinical research can be defended under a utilitarian viewpoint. Continue reading

Holocaust Research Paper on Kindertransport

Refugee Children Movement

Holocaust Research Paper on Kindertransport

The film Into the Arms of Strangers by Harris is a documentary featuring the emotional lives and the journey of the survivors of Nazism rescued by Kindertransport. It is a true revelation of the events that caused thousands of innocent children to be given away by their parents. The event was very agonising to their parents as they were almost certain they would never unite again with their children. The destination that those trains departing from Germany, Austria, and Czechoslovakia were heading was unknown. Both the parents and children had no idea what was awaiting the children across those borders into Britain, but all they knew was that it was the best decision for the safety of their children (KTA, 1). Continue reading

Minimum Wage Essay

Minimum Wage and its Relation to the Economy

Minimum Wage Essay

Research indicates that economics is a subject that touches on everybody’s life directly or indirectly. However, few people can tell what the term economics means. There is not a short sentence that wholly tells of what economics entails. The definition of this field has varied from a generation to another based on the introduction of new concepts linked to economics as well as innovative technologies. The definitions to this subject are numerous and may vary based on a given field to another (Wessels 10). This document will critically address minimum wages, its pros and cons as well as a comparison of minimum wage in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Continue reading

Scientific Literature Review: Cryptolepine and Related Alkaloids

Cryptolepine and Related Alkaloids: Synthesis and Anticancer Activity

Scientific Literature Review Cryptolepine and Related Alkaloids


The organic alkaloid, cryptolepine originated from cryptolepis triangularis. This substance is the primary alkaloid found in the origins of Cryptolepis sanguinolenta. This is a trusted location in Western and Central Africa for the treatment of rheumatism as well as bladder and breathing attacks. Herbalists decoct the ingredients of the above origins and use them to cure fevers and abdomen attacks. Cryptolepine provides a vast variety of scientific qualities such as hypotensive and antipyretic, anti-muscarinic, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory results. It also offers effective activity in vitro against Plasmodium falciparum, which is one of the primary parasites accountable for malaria and cancerous wounds. Continue reading

Medical Research Papers: Massage Therapy

The Scientifically Proven Health Benefits of Massage Therapy


Massage therapy is an ancient type of medicine that has been used to treat musculoskeletal problems and as a way to relax the body. Currently, massage therapy is used as a healing technique. This is because the human body is presumed to be a self-regulating body that can heal itself and shield itself from diseases as long as it is in a normal structural relationship. The thesis of this paper is that massage therapy has proven that it rids the body of physical discomforts and also improves a person’s mental capacity without the use of prescription drugs. Continue reading

Evaluation Essay Sample about Careers in Nursing

Evaluation Essay Sample about Careers in Nursing

Service industry group is ranked among the fastest growing industries. This is especially when looked at from the lens of the world’s economy. As time goes by, demand for health care services including home based health care services have been witnessed to be on the rise. In particular, demand for home health care services has largely been associated with factors such as ageing populations. There has also been an absolute need of containing heath care costs and the most appropriate way of achieving this has been moving patients out of health care facilities in the shortest time possible. Continue reading

Speech Sample: Essential Oils and Epigenetics

Carrier oil may be defined as a vegetable oil that is derived from fatty portions of different plants, usually from seeds, kernel or nuts. When this oil is applied to the skin without being diluted, it may cause irritation to the skin and may react in different ways to different people. The carrier oils are mainly used in diluting the essential oils as well as other oils before being applied. They usually carry the essential oils to the skin. Each of the carrier oils offers different combination of therapeutic characteristics and properties. The choice of carrier oil may depend on the difference in therapeutic benefits that one is looking for.

Speech Sample Essential Oils and Epigenetic

Continue reading