Expository Essay Sample on Fossil Fuel Crisis

Fossil Fuel Crisis and Hope for the Future

Expository Essay Sample on Fossil Fuel Crisis

Over the last two hundred years, global society has become extremely reliant on fossil fuels and among the many fossil fuels used, oil is by far the most prominent (Hopewood, 2006). In 2010, oil consumption in America reached seven billion barrels which equates to nineteen million barrels per day (EIA). Consequently, because fossil fuels are not a renewable source of energy, there have been concerns about future global oil shortages. Continue reading

Pandora’s Box Summary Sample

The Pandora’s Box myth focuses much of its efforts towards exploring the curiosity which intrigues individuals of all gender (both men and women). Immediately Pandora decides to open the box given to her by her father, the outcomes are vivid depictions of her being a woman who brought evil to the world as well as the essence of creating an understanding of why she is rather scared of being discovered by her father. The intrinsic value of the Greek myth in this case is that curiosity has the ability of taking over the body. However, when people are warned against taking certain actions, they need not take it.


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Ecology Lab Report Sample


Ecology Lab Report Sample

The big picture is that sampling natural systems in a structured repeatable way is critical for ecologists. The sole purpose of study analysis is to make data finer before it is published as a report. We confine our self to the scope of this study, and the method of approach in the review is that of declining type. This is so since it is a fast proxy to weigh the ecological evidence at hand in a peer review situation. The data streams presented in the field research elaborate a certain estimate acquired from a range of several referees. Continue reading

Cause and Effect Essay Sample on Dell

The Success of Michael Dell, the founder and CEO of Dell, Inc.

Even at age 47, Michael Saul Dell is a known figure throughout the world. In 1992, he was the youngest CEO running a Fortune 500 company and this year, he became the 41st richest person in the world (Forbes, 2012). Behind this figure stands a giant corporation – Dell, Inc., one of the world’s leading manufacturers of personal computers. When it comes to discussions of how Dell transformed from a dorm room headquartered company to the world’s third largest PC vendor, debates often evolve around the topic of opportunistic timely investment. Continue reading

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Politics Essay: United States and Saudi Arabia

United States and Saudi Arabia have a long history between them and for a long time stemming from 1940 when they established a strong diplomatic relations. Saudi Arabia is strategically placed in terms of resources and convenience. Both countries have similar concerns touching on oil and terrorism concerns. Much as the two nations have plenty in common, there are other differences that include culture and variety of people.


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Analysis Essay Sample: Textbooks in the Digital Age

Analysis Essay Sample_Textbooks in the Digital Age

As technology continues to advance, the role of printed media is called into question. As newspapers, magazines, and even novels go online, textbooks are increasingly becoming more available in digital format. The rise of personal computers, e-readers and tablets makes textbooks more available in digital format. However, most traditional learning institutions are leery of abandoning hard copy texts in favor of digital copies, citing cost and maintenance issues. A complete switch from hard copy to digital textbooks requires careful consideration of a number of factors and this switch may not be the right choice for every school. Continue reading

Academic Paper Sample: Depression in the Elderly


Normally, aging is depicted as a time of reflection, rest and a chance to do things that one was unable to do during his youthful and young adulthood years due to career and family responsibilities. Nevertheless, this is not the case as various studies have shown that old age is associated with losses, including material loss, loss physical energy, loss of roles and responsibilities, loss of family members and friends among others. For example, aging individuals experience a loss of their financial resources, loss of control over their own lives as a result of loss of physical abilities like hearing, energy and sight among other losses. Continue reading

Genetic Lab Report Sample


Genetic Lab Report Sample


This paper looks at the study of genetics, we have crossed different genes to try and see how they cross to come up with different genetic makeup. The paper looks at Gregor Mendel who was particularly the first person to study genetics. It is inevitable to mention this distinguished scholar whenever the term genetics comes up. He carried out experiments using plants. The study also looks at Morgan also did experiments with the Drosophila and he came up with answers to questions, which he had on the eye color of these flies. Continue reading

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