How to Write a 500 Word Essay: Structure, Format, and Tips

A 500 word essay is actually not a type of essay itself, but a specific format that you can use while writing argumentative, analytical, critical, narrative, and other essay types. Why 500 words? As a rule, this word limit allows the development of a particular topic, to prove your point of view, or analyze a certain subject without unnecessary details. An experienced professor can easily evaluate the level of a student’s knowledge and writing skills while reading the essay of such a format.

How to Write a 500 Word Essay

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How to Write a Good Essay: 1000 Word Essay

The question most often asked by college and university students is: How to write a good essay? They are especially wondering how to write an effective 1000 word essay. The first thing one thinks about is: Oh, how many pages this essay should contain? It’s no surprise that students are more worried about the length of their essay, than about its quality, as writing a 1000 word essay seems too troublesome for them.


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How to Make my Essay Better?

You have been assigned to write an essay and are wondering: “how to make my essay better?” It is not as difficult as it may seem at first sight. Essay writing is a very important task in the duration of college and university studies which requires a lot of thinking and understanding. These papers weigh heavily in a student’s final grades and it is very important to follow “How to make my essay better” tips to achieve real success in academic writing.

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The Most Impressive Medical Dissertation Topics

A thesis or dissertation is a discourse on a particular research topic, which can be written individually, or as a part of an academic qualification. You should highlight your research goals and specific objectives. Picking up good medical dissertation topics is a very important aspect of writing and the first step on the way to original and relevant study. The thesis paper is rather narrow in comparison with a book and is specialized on the particular area of study. To help prepare your medical dissertation we offer medical dissertation topics to build your research on. Continue reading

Art History Research Paper Topics

Art history research paper topics and their writing processes differ from other college and university academic papers that students are assigned to write. In such papers you make the necessary arguments concerning the things you see; to be more precise you interpret visual information into verbal information. To write a really good research paper on art history, you should be familiar with the terms needed to describe the work of art and it is extremely important to choose appropriate art history research paper topics. Continue reading

Bidding Policy Changes

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Request Writer Feature

Brand new features are always being introduced in our company. This is done with the aim of making our customers’ lives easier and more convenient. It is now possible to request a writer who has previously completed an order for a particular customer.
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Chat With Writers

Another piece of news is that when ordering a paper from our company, customers have ample opportunity to pass on all instructions directly to the writer. A range of advantages comes from direct communication with the writers working on assignments. First, the customer can deliver all the necessary details, and explain exactly which way the paper should be completed. In addition to this, the chat-service ensures rapid solution of urgent issues that might occur while ordering a paper. Continue reading