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Brand new features are always being introduced in our company. This is done with the aim of making our customers’ lives easier and more convenient. It is now possible to request a writer who has previously completed an order for a particular customer.
Why is this feature useful? Customers can request a writer whose writing style they like most. There is no need to look for a new person to complete an order for you, or to try out a new writer every time you place an order. The way our service differs from all other companies that provide writing assistance, is that even our first-time customers can request a particular writer to do their assignments. It is perfectly possible to check testimonials from previous happy customers, and decide whether you would like a specific person to work on your paper.
Moreover, since the feature was implemented, all writers can switch their original ID (for example U_1234) to their names or nicknames. Returning customers are informed of this, so now, if you know the nickname of a specific writer, there is less chance of confusing them with someone else. This avoids the possibility of engaging someone new, whose writing abilities you are not familiar with. What is more, the opportunity to request a writer is only established with our company – before any other – which is another reason you receive a fast service of great quality, for a paper written by a professional.

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