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What Is a Capstone Project?

Don’t understand what is a capstone project yet and usually confuse it with something to do with Flintstones? Capstone projects are not usual types of assignments, they differ a lot from regular research papers and even dissertations. To write a paper of this type, one should carry out thoughtful and thorough research and have a solid bundle of knowledge in the variety of topics you are going to write about for your project. Graduate projects are extensive and require long months of tough work. If you are going to continue your academic career in the future, completing a capstone project is a must for you. The main principle you must follow to finish it is not as difficult as you might think – divide the paper into several sections and write them separately.

The main aim of capstone projects is to demonstrate gained writing skills and the level of knowledge to prove to the instructor that the student has mastered the academic program. Your instructor can be a good assistantance during the writing process, so do not hesitate to ask questions if necessary.

What is a Capstone Project: The Makings of a Great One

  • Choose a topic you like and are interested in. This point really matters, as you will hate an uninteresting topic by the end of the writing process and it will be difficult for you to generate good ideas. If get stuck while writing about your topic, use brainstorming technique to get out of the crisis of writer’s block.
  • Do your research. Students are engaged in capstone projects for a semester or two. You will never regret getting ahead, looking for needed information and taking notes. Read all resources attentively and actively, underline at once all the needed facts and write down your own ideas while reading. Do not put copied citations away from sight. Pay special attention to the references in articles – they will provide with lots of additional information.
  • Apply a lot of effort and your attention to writing a thesis statement. The thesis statement is the center of the essay, as without it essay is nothing. A capstone project’s thesis statement should be concise, logical and a bit controversial. Make sure you can prove your main idea to be true or at least viable. Check out the opposite points of views and the debates around them to know how to build our arguments.
  • Write an outline. What is a capstone project outline? It is a logical order of ideas and questions you are going to speak about in your paper. They should be coherent and support the main idea of your paper.
  • Stay organized while writing capstone projects. Come up with a general system which will help you in writing: save bookmarks in your browser, highlight specific points to consider, use color labels for ideas of different degrees of importance.
  • Write the introduction and conclusion last. When you do this, you will know how to present the main idea properly.
  • Stick to the appropriate formatting style and proofread your paper several times to correct mistakes.

Capstone projects are time-consuming and complicated papers to accomplish, so make sure you start writing them in advance to leave the last month of studies for yourself. Give yourself some time and space to acknowledge that studies will be over soon and you will move onto a new life. If you feel uncertain about managing a capstone project on your own, visit to get the help of a professional writing service. We assist students in various types of written assignments to make their studies easier. Just specify your requirements and instructions and get your paper written according to your instructor’s requirements.

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